We want to present a product which we were working on for 6 month – PR planner

In May 2021 we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the agency and decided to create a product that will develop the PR industry and PR education in Ukraine. We wanted to share knowledge, experience and tools in the field of PR. As well, we wanted to make the life of communication specialists more organized and easier. As a result of five months of our work, we created a complete and practical product that can help to be faster and more efficient in communication projects.

Our PR planner is for those whose profession is related to communications, for entrepreneurs who want to have PR for their business, for students and for all those who are interested in PR.

“We invested our professionalism and also our love in this product. Someone already calls it a practical guide, and we do not object. After all, PR Planner is a unique and important manifestation of our faith and support for each of you.”

(с) Natali Ulynets, CEO Perfect PR

You can find out more details and order your PR Planer here.