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Thursday, May 30, 2019

On the eve of the 8th anniversary of the agency, we gathered a selection of facts about Perfect PR and our team. We share the most interesting things!

The growth of the team over the past two years reached 300%

Yes, our team has more than tripled in the last few years. We are proud that Perfect PR employs creative and dedicated professionals with various educational backgrounds and expertise: philologists and translators, psychologists and historians, journalists, and political scientists.

Representation in Lviv and Kyiv

The most relevant for us, namely, from our geography, because the agency is expanding its office in Kyiv and is considering franchise opportunities for other cities in Ukraine and abroad. So we have even more exciting and glorious projects ahead of us.

Projects “without borders”

The Perfect PR portfolio includes the implementation of communication campaigns for Ukrainian and international organizations. We have no geographical restrictions, so our partners include companies from the United States, the United Kingdom, Poland, and many other countries.

The most recognizable in the media

According to many ratings, brands are recognized as the most recognizable in the media in Ukraine due to our work. It confirms the effectiveness of communication campaigns and reputable projects that we implement.

Complexity in services

Perfect PR provides a full range of communication and reputation services: from press events to monitoring and analyzing the mention of companies. And recently, we added a reputation audit to our list of services, which allows us to deeply explore all the company’s communications and brand attitudes in society.

The word “hype”  in English means noise or commotion. Previously, this term referred to aggressive and provocative advertising, which provoked loud discussions. Unlike traditional advertising, the hype does not aim to tell about the positive qualities of the product — still, only provocative methods to attract attention to it, to be remembered as much as possible. When talking about a product or service using standard methods, you are likely to end up in 96% of communications, which people, unfortunately, overlook.


You will be heard if you take a risk and create hype advertising. But will people fall in love? Will they not associate with the negative forever in their imagination? It would be best to think twice before launching even a slight provocation.

Several hype cases for analysis

Mother of Dragons and Starbucks

For at least one day in May this year, everyone was talking about one thing – accidentally left a glass of Starbucks on the table in front of Daenerys in the final season of “Game of Thrones.”

Marketing and communications experts immediately suspected product placement, but the NGO later denied the allegations, citing the inattention of the show’s creators.

Stacy Jones, CEO of marketing company Hollywood Branded, estimated the value of “unintentional” advertising at $ 2.3 billion. In 48 hours, Starbucks and Game of Thrones have been mentioned in more than 193,000 publications.

In his blog, Oleksandr Todorchuk, creative director of Gres Todorchuk, says that such figures cannot appear due to inattention. In addition, a company like Starbucks is known for its original approach to communications. For example, there is a suspicion that the fact that Starbucks coffee shops constantly make mistakes in names is just a PR tool that gives thousands of free additional mentions on social networks. Imagine how many people take pictures of their glasses with “changed” names!

Deliberate or well-thought-out hype still is a hype in the Middle Ages.

Provocations from “Hercules”

It is not the first year that Hercules ice cream has shocked people with its provocative promo and competed for the title of the worst advertisement.

Just look:

These are billboards of the company of different years. The campaign with “tongues” was developed in 2011, and after each wave, it received a barrage of criticism and negativity. However, the company continues to adhere to this brand idea and continues to be exposed to the discussion.

And although the creators of this campaign (Ogilvy & Mather Ukraine) say that the fact is that the Ukrainian audience is not ready for bold ideas, and the world experience has more vivid examples, it seems that the ultimate goal and expected effect of this advertising is hype.

“Everyone wants to be a hero!”

Sometimes the hype turns into a provocative message about a competitor. And this motivates companies to get more creative and whole marketing battles. Recall the case of Pepsi and Coca-Cola, companies competing since the 80s of the last century. Pepsi has launched a poster online in which a can of drink was wrapped under a cloak with the competitor’s logo with the inscription: “We wish you a terrible Halloween!”.

The move from Coca-Cola has become even more creative and exciting. The company released the same poster with the caption: “Everyone wants to be a hero!”.

Experts compare hype advertising with a sharp blade, which in skilled hands will perform the task well, but for the inexperienced, it will do irreparable damage.

Therefore, it is advisable to entrust the implementation of hype advertising only to professionals – people who will first conduct a detailed analysis and be able to predict the reaction of the public.

As communicators, we must warn that we should use the hype as a tool should with caution:

  1. Never use any gender/sexist/anti-semitic things in your messages. The audience will not forgive and even make a little-known company scandalously famous.
  2. Evaluate whether hype advertising is part of your communication matrix. If your target audience is too conservative, accustomed to some messages from your brand and suddenly gets something new and provocative, it can make them abandon you.
  3. You need to clearly understand the goal and be aware of all the possible risks.

If the risks justify your goal, give it a try.

The information field influences our choice. The Institute for Mass Media (IMI) recently presented research on manipulation, distortion of sociological research, anti-campaigns, and hidden advertising of the March election campaign.

You will be able to get acquainted with the full results of the research and methodology on the IMI website.

The main customers of political covert advertising in the online media.

1. About a third of all ordered political materials in March concerned the activities of Yuri Boyko and the Opposition Platform — For Life. Most of the materials were recorded on the sites of Channel 112 (, Newsone (, and (

2. The second place among customers was taken by Yulia Tymoshenko, who was recorded at 15.5% of all materials. Tymoshenko was promoted by Obozrevatel (, RBC-Ukraine (, and Channel 24 (

3. In favor of Volodymyr Zelensky and Petro Poroshenko, 10% of political materials with ordering signs were posted during the monitoring period.

Most of the materials in Zelensky’s favor were recorded on the website (, and in Poroshenko’s favor on the Segodnya, Channel 112 (, and Obozrevatel ( websites.

In favor of Anatoliy Hrytsenko, 9% of materials with signs of orders were posted, and they were posted mainly on Obozrevatel ( and the website of the 24th channel (

No hidden political advertising was found on the following sites:

“Ukrainian Pravda”

“New Time”

on the website “League” (one material)

TSN (nine materials incorrectly marked)

Top 5 candidates due to Ukrainian news sources

The authors of the study analyzed the news feeds of 10 online media. According to various opinion polls, the analysis included all informational messages mentioning the top 5 presidential candidates.

Most neutral news about candidates on websites are:


“Ukrainian Pravda”


“New Time”

Petro Poroshenko took first place in coverage, receiving approximately 916 news. However, there is more harmful and critical news about him than others.

Yulia Tymoshenko takes honorable second place. She received 249 texts in which the neutral coverage of the candidate prevails.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy – 198 news. Primarily neutral, but with certain accents.

Anatoliy Hrytsenko – 118 texts. There are almost no materials about him with a negative tone.

The candidate from the party “Opposition Platform – For LifeYuri Boyko is the least written, compared to other candidates, on the selected 10 sites – 5.8% of all selected materials (92 texts). However, after Boyko met with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, there was much more news about this candidate.

Top 5 Ukrainian presidential candidates viewed in the Russian media

Russian online media can compete with Ukrainian ones in the coverage of the election campaign in Ukraine. There are even separate sections on their websites with such topics as “Who will get Ukraine? »

IMI experts analyzed Russia’s five most popular news sites in the week leading up to Ukraine’s election.

During the week, 296 texts were published on the analyzed Russian websites dedicated to the five leading candidates for the presidency of Ukraine. Interestingly, 46.6% of them were published on RIA Novosti. This news agency publishes news about the Ukrainian elections at least every hour. Other sites have separate sections.

A study of hidden political advertising was conducted by the NGO “Institute of Mass Media” in the period from 4 to 22 March 2019 in 13 popular online media. The total sample was about 50 thousand news.

Petro Poroshenko is often described in a negative tone:

“Be careful. The doors are closing! Whether Poroshenko will reach Bankova station, in general, is doubtful about his chances of winning.” One of the main narratives is that Poroshenko will not be able to win without the use of administrative resources (Poroshenko will not be able to win the election without organizational resources, according to the expert, RIA Novosti)

A few months ago, the candidate from the Servant of the People party, Volodymyr Zelensky, was virtually absent from Russia’s information field. However, as of the end of March, all monitored sites are actively writing about him.

In general, the coverage was positive and neutral, about the leadership in opinion polls, the release of the film on the eve of election day, about the fact that “Zelensky does not intend to hold protests in case of election fraud.

The third most frequent mention of Yuri Boyko this week is his visit to Moscow with Viktor Medvedchuk, where they met with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

It was practically the only reason for his appearance in the Russian media during the monitoring period.

The leading Russian websites did not pay much attention to the activities of Batkivshchyna leader Yulia Tymoshenko a week before the election. Only 6.2% of the news tracked was about her.

Lighting is generally neutral-negative. Thus, RIA Novosti commented on Tymoshenko’s statement on a new tab with the IMF – “The Economist: Ukraine’s new agreement with the IMF can only be worse than before.

Another news block concerned Tymoshenko’s statements against other candidates, mainly against Poroshenko: “Tymoshenko advised Poroshenko to think about prison instead of presidential.

Launching a brand is a complex process involving a considerable action algorithm. In Ukraine, it is possible to build a qualitative and profitable business. Communication among competitors and business partners needs to be taken into account. The media is not the least important part of this B2C communication, and we should remember that the media is also a business. However, companies should not have illusions that the media should be interested in them. We offer you a summary of the panel discussion: “How to interest businesses in the media with corporate news” from the XVII International PR Festival.


Releases do not work. Cooperation with the commercial department always works. The media is less and less willing to work with companies at the level of press releases.


Business and media are ready to be partners.


Create shared content and actively talk to each other. We need to agree. To form cooperation. Implement native projects, for which, by the way, the media are more ready than Ukrainian business.


The media market developed until the development of social networks.

The media has lost its exclusivity in conveying information to people.

Today, the media primarily communicates with the reader through an intermediary — social networks.


Businesses should not create illusions that the media should be interested in them.

The commercial media department should be interested in business.

Only the high expertise of specific industries or individuals, or digital data, can be useful for media content.


It is not so difficult to reach foreign media. Professional PR managers can succeed. But well known press services may not!


You can get on the news feed with corporate news.

People and, consequently, the media are proud of Ukrainian producers and domestic brands.

Ukrainian producers must be supported so that society does not bend.


Preservation, energy recovery, and environmental and social issues are the primary information drivers of the business.


Media is also a business. Remember!

Business and media can always agree on joint special projects.


(Natalia Ulynets, Yevhenia Slobodyanyuk, thesis conclusions from the panel discussion: How to interest business in the media with corporate news, XVII International PR-Festival, part 1.)

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What is your target audience?

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Our target audiences are men and women, 22-35 years old, middle-income, residents of large cities…“. How often do we hear such a description of the target audience? Do you know why it is already ineffective?

To get into the field of interests of the audience, the brand needs to consider not only demographic and geographical indicators. First of all, you should explore the lifestyle of your target audience. Analyze where your target audience spends their time, which locations, which online resources they visit, and which social networks they use. Find out under which conditions their habits may form and what motivates them to make a purchase or use the service.

With this analysis, you will be helped by the American interpretation of “Generation Theory,” which every 20 years forms a generation of people with values ​​and behaviors that distinguish them from their predecessors.

We offer you a guide that will be an indispensable instruction for determining your target audience.

2019-04-10 12:00:00


Pre-election races in Ukraine are a creative process. Novice and experienced politicians are generating unusual and interesting PR campaigns, some examples of which will be remembered for a long time. This year is not a shutdown!

Given that the participation in the 2019 elections is a record number of candidates in the history of Ukraine, it is not surprising that some of them try to share, among other things, their native promises and make interesting PR moves.

A selection of such incidents of politicians is given below.


Do you want to become the President’s wife? Igor Shevchenko is looking for a beloved!

Presidential candidate Ihor Shevchenko posted two messages on his billboard and the official website, willing candidates to fill out a form, upload a photo, and participate in a kind of competition.

Igor Shevchenko also distinguished himself at the economic forum in Davos, taking five free hats instead of one, shooting a video of these “hat machinations”, and then launching a campaign at his headquarters, sending blue hats free of charge to anyone.

Ukrposhta, a Ukrainian delivery company, took advantage of the situation creatively and received many positive reviews.

Happy New Year from President Holoborodko

Volodymyr Zelensky announced his candidacy for the presidency, congratulating Ukrainians on the New Year on December 31, exactly at a time when congratulations from the President are traditionally broadcasted on national TV channels.

His election campaign, in general, is very different from traditional algorithms for campaigning in its digital direction:

  • Mega-active socials (Instagram, stories, hashtags )
  • Challenges for all preferences
  • Unique slogans on billboards
  • Targeting a young audience

Andriy Sadovy removes himself from the race in favor of Hrytsenko

A precedent appeared in Ukrainian politics and caused a wave of heated debate in society. Many people accepted Sadovy’s step positively, calling it a logical, correct, and firm decision.

Politicians have also signed an agreement specifying that Sadovy withdraws his candidacy from the presidential election and that Hrytsenko has pledged to “be honest.” Have you noticed consonance with Hrytsenko’s slogan, which sounds like “More honest people”?

Later, Dmytro Hnap and Dmytro Dobrodomov announced their refusal to run for president in favor of Hrytsenko.

Then minus two more candidates: Sergyi Krivonis and Yevhen Murayev.

Candidates who first run for office and then withdraw from the race are working to make themselves known for better results in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

A blog by Andriy Sadovy has been captured on YouTube because every user has seen its commercials. It was impossible not to see them: Sadovyi was preparing a romantic dinner, cooking cocoa, asking for advice on raising a dog Yotamchyk, whose nickname is now known to every second Ukrainian.

Kaplin defended Hitler’s program, accepting it as his own

Hosts of the Hate Night Show read “25 Points” of the 1926 NSDAP to presidential candidate Sergei Kaplin under the guise of his election program, and he defended each item of Adolf Hitler’s program for 20 minutes without suspecting anything.

“… Kaplin does not notice anything, comments on his program, argue, defends each item, tells how he will pass laws on these items… Twenty minutes passed. Then I couldn’t stand it and said to him that not Kaplin wrote this program, but Hitler,” the show’s host wrote on Facebook.

Ahead with Tymoshenko

Trolling from Serhiy Kaplin: since the beginning of the election race, it has been a struggle of promises to reduce the price of gas. Some took it seriously, and most joked about it. Comments such as “Who’s more?”, “Which of the candidates promised to pay me extra for used gas?” was popular on social networks.

Recently, the Batkivshchyna party leader shared a video on Instagram in which she buys a hot dog at a gas station. In response, candidate Kaplin did not hold back and posted his photo with hot dogs on Facebook and commented: “JULIA, HELLO! :))”

It is known that Yulia Tymoshenko likes to try on images of famous women:

Lila from “The Fifth Element”,

Princess Leia of Star Wars

Daenerys from Game of Thrones.

At the beginning of this election season, Yulia Tymoshenko appeared in the same suit as the character of the House of Cards, Claire Underwood. As you know, Claire Underwood, in the series, becomes President of the United States. And Tymoshenko thus hinted that she was targeting the presidents of Ukraine positions.

“Tomos Tour” by Petro Poroshenko

It is what Ukrainians called the events after Ukraine’s conquest. The President visited almost all regions of Ukraine and in his speeches, he was deeply immersed in church issues. In each city, the events took place according to approximately the same scenario: a meeting of the delegation, a liturgy, a prayer service, Poroshenko’s long emotional speech, and, finally, a photo with the faithful.

Undoubtedly, the acquisition of autocephaly by the Ukrainian Church is a victory. Ukrainians have been waiting for this for a long time, but such use of this achievement in political PR devalues ​​it.

This year’s election has been called fierce and unpredictable. Even sociologists do not undertake to predict who will go to the second round unambiguously. We are witnessing a crisis of distrust in politicians in society and, at the same time, demand for a new face. This situation can provoke an unexpected result.

Elections during the war, the most significant number of presidential candidates, the use of new political technologies, individual approach to the voter, Digital PR campaigns, and not only this is the difference between the presidential election campaign in 2019. One conclusion is to critically comprehend, define, and unequivocally go to the polls.

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Henry Marsh, a renowned British neurosurgeon, and author of two bestsellers tell us about team communication, the secrets of successful book writing, and the requirements for building a positive image.


Photo: Фокус.ua

Effective team communication depends on its leader

The leader must set an example and create the team’s right atmosphere. However, leadership mustn’t grow into a dictatorship. There are now many books and training on management and leadership. However, in my opinion, being a leader is not just about constantly telling people what to do. Leadership is about giving people opportunities to do better, to help them develop in their positions. For example, in most Ukrainian hospitals, Stalinism and dictatorship prevail. Leadership is helping colleagues. It is about helping, not the dictation of tasks. If people were encouraged more than just criticized, they would do a better job.

I also advise communication outside of work. Go for a discussion in the park or elsewhere to change the usual conditions.

Communication solves many problems

One of the significant problems of Ukrainian medicine is the lack of communication between doctors. This is especially true of radiologists who analyze X-rays and physicians who directly examine patients in clinics. In European and American hospitals, specialists meet at least once a week to discuss the patient’s affairs. This is very lacking in Ukraine.

It is possible to learn to write well

I wrote my books on the advice of my wife. I always had a habit of keeping a diary of everything that happened to me during the day in the hospital. And when my wife asked how my day went, I read her my diary. I think the success of my books depended on several factors. First, I’m a good communicator. I like to describe and explain something. I also have a good education, which allows me to express my thoughts clearly and competently. Another important aspect, I’m sure, is that it’s impossible to write well if you don’t read a lot. I read many books at an early age. This process becomes unconscious: I do not know how the sentences are composed by themselves. And of course, practice is essential. The more you write, the better you do.

Critic is the best helper on the way to a bestseller

There is no perfect book. A critic is essential. If you want to write well, show the text to your friends and colleagues and listen to their criticism. My first manuscript of the book was very thick. After my wife read it, it became thinner. After reading my agent, he became even narrower. When my editor and publisher read the text, it became what it is today. And after each reading, the book became better. Constructive criticism is significant. Maybe some people can write well without it, but I doubt it. My wife (ed. Henry Marsh’s wife – Kate Fox – British anthropologist and writer) has a theory on this topic. She is convinced that if you are a very successful writer and write many books and they get worse over time, the editor has stopped criticizing you.

The secret to a flourishing reputation lies in honesty

It is challenging to psychologically admit your mistakes in public and talk about your worries and anxieties. You have to be confident and assertive about that.

People are usually arrogant. They say, “I’m never wrong.” However, in reality, it is a manifestation of weakness and fear. When you see a doctor, you first want to trust him. And how can you trust a person if he is not honest? As paradoxical as it may sound when a doctor admits that he may make mistakes from time to time, it gives the patient the impression of a more confident person.

Expertise lies in experience

I became a famous public figure almost at the end of my career. Perhaps young doctors who have little experience should not seek popularity. It looks suspicious when a person with little experience in a field tries to look like a great expert in the media environment. Popularity always has challenges. A person can become too arrogant. My wife even jokes that it’s good that I became famous in old age. She is convinced that if this had happened when I was younger, I would have been entirely unbearable.