Through TikTok’s challenges and Instagram videos, the company invites students to do what they can and love, while instilling a culture of road safety in the dark.

As part of the national competition “Please shine!”, OKKO encourages students to shoot videos about reflective elements: flickers, vests and any accessories, tell why it is important to be noticeable, and post these videos on social networks. And as a reward, children will be able to receive Iphone 11, and the school where the students attend, the company will provide sets of reflectors.

“We want children to always be safe and from an early age accustomed to reflectors as necessary accessories. In Europe, students always wear vests and are visible to drivers during walks or excursions. Ukrainian schools should also have a culture of using reflectors so that students can move safely in the dark and bad weather, ”explains Yaroslav Polyakov, Head of OKKO’s Corporate Communications Department.

Olympiad will last until November 30, and the winners will be announced on December 7. Ukrainian schoolchildren together with their parents are introducing a new trend – they attach reflective elements to their clothes, shoot short videos about reflectors and become the heroes of the national Olympiad “Please shine!” from the OKKO company.

Telegram channel of Perfect PR agency was included in the section “Telegram channel of the week” in the podcast “Creative digest” from the media Listen to telegrams feed Perfect PR in the new section podcast Creative Digest, please visit: 121516392_344830910 = & nbsp;

This is the first Ukrainian-language Telegram -channel about PR, in which special The agency’s shareholders share their knowledge with colleagues and anyone interested in the world of communications. PR-party with professional information, life hacks and advice from personal experience, research, Ukrainian and world PR-practices, as well as case reviews, trends, useful digests, expert blogs.

Channel headings: < / strong>

  • #PerfectCases – reviews of the best (or vice versa) communication cases
  • #PerfectNews – news from the world of PR
  • #PerfectDigest – useful selections books / courses / movies / events
  • #PerfectAdvice – communication, journalism and digital tips
  • #PerfectTrends – trends that are important for every PR person to know
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    More interesting from the world of communications:

Every challenge is an experience. After the beginning of quarantine and working from home, we had to quickly adapt to new customer needs and go to Zoom from anywhere. It became a new and valuable experience that we added to the common treasury of Perfect PR. We want to share achievements and funny moments, which occurred during that period of time.

We managed to remain the “one” and brainstorm effectively.

Olga Lech: “Of course, we know from experience what information turbulence is. However, the number of Zoom meetings, tasks, changes in formats and ways of working, the number of reformats of projects and plans, the number of messages in messengers, and the number of calls this quarantine spring it’s heroic. During the quarantine, we once again understood our superpower: teamwork of the perfects is work under any conditions and in any place, and sometimes non-stop. “

Zhenya Slobodyanyuk: “One of the important principles we adhere to in the agency is that all our achievements are common. Behind any idea or implemented project is a team, not one specialist. During the quarantine, we each worked in our home office. Still, we managed to remain “one”:

  • Effectively brainstorm projects.
  • Continue sentences on Google docs.
  • Without hesitation, get involved in overtime work when needed help from a colleague.

Natalia Turkevich: “Working remotely, we have introduced regular Zoom meetings with clients to stay in touch and up to date. In this situation, it is essential to feel each other’s moods and rhythm of work. The agency’s timings also began to value their time even more: not to distract colleagues with unnecessary comments, to communicate faster and more efficiently. “

Revide Ziyatdinova: “The main challenge during the quarantine was adapting all projects, media planning, content plans to new situations, and adapting internally to new working conditions. It seems to me that we managed it quite quickly and efficiently, which once again proved that we could work from anywhere. “

Tetyana Voronchuk: “During the quarantine, work from home became more concentrated. During this time, we managed to launch the project in cooperation with EBA and start several activities for the agency. In my opinion, quarantine has been quite productive in terms of volume and quality of work. “

Rita Flomboim: “We all coped well with this quarantine challenge. We organized great work together, quickly adapted to changes, and offered clients relevant tools. They worked perfectly !;) I consider quiet hours our joint agency achievement – a time when we work without social networks during the day. It’s a nifty tool. You start to feel your time and concentrate on work. “

Kateryna Alimova: “I consider the most positive achievement of the whole agency to be closer together at home, alone. Quarantine has brought Kyiv and Lviv offices closer together, allowing us to generate even more creative and effective solutions for clients and agencies. Quarantine, like a mixer, mixed us all, which allowed us to “bake” even better ideas and solutions for customers.”

But quarantine is not only about work but also about personal achievements, home comfort, and, of course, funny situations.

“During the quarantine, publishing houses and bookstores offered promotions for their books: discounts and free delivery. So I added a lot of novelties and bestsellers to my library. And in recent years I mostly bought books in electronic format, because it corresponded to the way of life: compact and always with me. Then during the quarantine, I preferred paper books. Among the best read from fiction – “Buried Giant” and “The Rest of the Day” by Kadio Ishiguro, from non-fiction – “MBA in 10 days” – says Zhenya Slobodyanyuk. I will never forget when I ran around the house looking for my daughter during one of the meetings at Zoom because she was already starting an online lesson. I had a laptop in my hands and headphones in my ears. Of course, I turned off the camera so as not to surprise my colleagues.”

“If we talk about personal quarantine gain, it is the closure of all “gestalts,” in particular, all the books from the regime inline went to do. And yet, Ukrainian cinema is the greatest pleasure of this spring! It’s hard to remember a funny quarantine incident. Just quotes from the “Catch Kaidash” series are now active in my family’s use”, — recalls Olga Lech.

“My achievement: more time to read professional and fiction books (” Write, shorten”, “Factology”, “The Long Road to Freedom”, OSHO “Search”). Taking courses at Prometheus, listening to them in the evenings, while cooking, and yet. Spending 20 minutes a day on sports seems small, but if you manage to do everything regularly, you feel a great inner victory. We can add spontaneous and unplanned live broadcasts on the client’s page, this was my first live broadcast, and it seemed to turn out well, – says Natalia Turkevich. – Funny case, there was nothing trashy. Remote work is at the last moment before going to Zoom to remember and remove from the head bandage “rabbit ears”, during a break to go to the balcony to water the plants, every night when the face mask, sincerely hope that no one will dial urgent video meeting, because in quarantine the working day is even more blurred.”

“Unfortunately, it is harder to talk about personal achievements, but we are less fortunate here. Nevertheless, I am glad that I managed to bring at least minimal physical activity and English. Also did not leave the recent hobby, dubbing, – says Tatiana Voronchuk, – Funny moment – it’s probably an attack of angry bees :)) When I’m in my parents’ home, my workplace often moves to the yard. On one such day, a swarm of bees escaped from the hive and hung on a tree branch for a while. And when it was removed from there, something went wrong, and the bees rushed at everyone in the yard. It’s good that then you don’t have to go to Zoom with work issues :)) »

“The main achievement, so to speak, I consider is almost peaceful coexistence with relatives in the same apartment and their understanding that even if I’m at home, I’m still at work,” says Revide Ziyatdinova. “Funny were Zoom backgrounds, which I actively used during quarantine because my cat often liked to appear in front of the camera during work meetings: jumped on the back of the chair, on the closet, on me. Virtual backgrounds didn’t help ultimately, but they minimized the number of images of my pet on our Zoom screens.”

“I consider my greatest achievement to be that I lost my chronic haste. I used to always be in a hurry, even when there was no place to go. The constant feeling of running is very tiring. That’s why I’m proud that I was able to accustom myself to thorough reflection, quiet working hours, and patience, – says Rita Flomboim. – During the quarantine, my pug and I gained 3 kg, learned to work in any position, learned to gather for a meeting in 30 seconds, and get some sleep!”

You don’t often see a man on a rope flying up to your window :))

Kateryna Alimova: “My achievement is inner development and rethinking of values. Speaking of more down-to-earth and specific things, I started learning English thoroughly and took a short course from the BBC during quarantine. And I will not say that free time from work from home has become more. And the funniest thing was the man-builder, who suddenly appeared in the window where I was working. At first, I was terrified of the surprise, but the situation seemed very funny. You won’t often see a man on a rope flying up to your window :))»

Public Communications Agency Perfect PR has developed art leaflets with illustrations about the everyday life of PR- specialists. In the format of mini-comics, we managed to tell with humor about the peculiarities of the work of PR- specialists. The project was implemented in collaboration with illustrator Bohdana Davydyuk.

Public communications intersect with many areas: journalism, marketing, branding, design and more. So there are a lot of myths and misunderstandings about this work, and what PR people actually do every day. That’s how Perfect PR came up with the idea of ​​releasing a collection of postcards in mini-comic format. In total, there are nine postcards in the collection – nine different stories.

“The field of PR is quite specific. So we wanted to explain the nuances of our profession through illustrations. In collaboration with the artist Bohdana Davydyuk, we rethought our working moments and conveyed it all in comics, – says the initiator of the project Olga Lekh . – Each of the leaflets contains a whole story. For example, we emotionally conveyed the feelings of a specialist when he planned his work schedule to the minute, but analysts are signaling a crisis in social networks with a bot attack and urgently need to switch to crisis management.

The illustrator also managed to convey the” game “between journalists and PR people in the picture. We work in the same field, use the same tools, but have different strategies. We hope that our colleagues will find something of their own in these works. ”

Project illustrator Bohdana Davydyuk said that when creating the leaflets she exaggerated the absurdity of situations in the lives of PR specialists. / p>

“I always want to show an illustrated situation from a more absurd side. It is not easy, but thanks to it it is possible to arouse interest, – Bohdana Davydyuk comments. – One of my favorite works in this series is a story about ubiquitous edits and a quote from Burstin. I’m interested in working when you can tell a story in more than one frame, bring it to something. Such stories are partly inclined to comics, but still remain concise. “











9-dezinfektsiya9-dezinfektsiyaReference Perfect PR is an independent public communications agency founded by PR specialist Natalia Ulynets in 2011. The company implements effective communication solutions in the private, public and public sectors; brings together a team of specialists in the field of public communications, media, digital PR and consulting and media. The main offices are located in Lviv and Kyiv. The agency works with Ukrainian and international business. Among the clients are the dairy company Halychyna, the national yeast producer Enzyme Company, Concern Galnaftogaz (one of the largest gas stations in Ukraine OKKO), the beverage corporation PJSC Obolon, and the housing construction company Vash Dim “, The British oil and gas company Cadogan Petroleum and others.

Perfect PR specialists have launched a Telegram channel about PR and communications. So, we have a 100% win-win offer: you subscribe to our channel, and we provide you with relevant and exciting news, research, cases, and digest!

It has never happened before in the telegram space: we have found many digital, marketing, and advertising channels. In addition, we work so hard to implement creative and large-scale PR projects, so how may we not share such expertise? We thought it would be great to create a channel about PR and communications. We thought and did! And now the channel carries information, digests, news, and reviews at the speed of light.

From now on, Perfect PR promptly informs you about PR news of Ukraine and the world. Digests and selections, effective communication solutions – now always in your pocket.

To not search for a long time, click here and join. Haven’t you heard of collaborating with Jesus? Not sure who the Clean Flowers are? Well, we’ll have to catch up.

Well-known translator, columnist, and literary critic talk about the principles of effective communication, communication with her audience, social networks, and honest advertising.

Communication is based on two points of reference: listening and speaking

Very often, when we talk about communication, we focus on “talking”: expressing yourself and telling the world about yourself. However, we forget about “listening”. For me, communication is a balance of “talk-listen”. It is important to keep this middle ground, to balance so that you feel when the emphasis is shifted to one thing, and immediately correct the situation.

What do effective communications require? Know who you are talking to, hear and listen to your audience, and pay attention to it.

Technology will not replace a creative and unique human approach

It is often said now that technology will replace or displace many professions. It is unlikely that this may frighten representatives of creative specialties. I often fight with my friends, IT professionals, who say, “You will be unemployed soon because a robot will do your job.” Then I conduct an experiment. I ask them to translate with the help of AI, for example, Google translator, metaphorical speech, or Lviv or Slobozhansk dialect. They are convinced, fortunately for me, that I will have a job for a long time.

Facebook and Instagram are different approaches, audiences, and content

I’ve been blogging on my personal Facebook page for the past few years. However, I do not consider myself a blogger. I never thought or wanted the page to become famous. This audience – 10,000 friends and subscribers – is small, tiny. She recently registered on her new social network, Instagram. I feel a huge difference and confusion. I already have a circle of communication on Facebook, and I know that behind each photo on the avatar is a real person I met in real life or who wrote to me: “Marto, thank you for the image of your flowers. I always enjoy reading stories about your mother. We love your cat.”

Maybe I don’t know absolutely all 10,000 personally, but they are “humanized” avatars for me. These are people who actively comment and communicate with me. I know what they live for, why they read me, and what they want from me.

I confess that I resisted Instagram for a long time, although I heard the advice of all my friends who are SMM specialists: “Marta, Facebook is dying. We need to move to Instagram. The future is on Instagram. I listened to it carefully for five years and agreed. However, she continued to stay in her cozy environment on Facebook. My audience is 30+ people. I understand that through Facebook, I do not have a connection with young people with whom I would also like to communicate. My Instagram doesn’t have many followers yet, and my cat also has more followers.

Instagram initially seemed to be a world of pictures and perfect people. I didn’t understand when they had time to work and publish five photos a day. Then I realized that this was their job. Somehow, I did not fit with my non-glamorous life in this glamorous world. However, as the trend of naturalness on Instagram is already beginning to gain momentum, maybe I will find my audience with my simple everyday life: trips in a minibus, coffee in the “Coffee World”, travel not every day and not to the Maldives, but ordinary life and stories from it. And on Instagram.

Advertising: do not destroy the audience’s trust with dishonest product reviews

I do not have the usual conditions for cooperation with advertisers. I often refuse those who write standard offers, as probably many microbloggers ask to advertise their product. I explain that I will accept and protest the product, but I will write an honest review. Ironically, as I usually write Facebook posts. However, when they read my review, they are often asked not to publish it. Very rarely can I honestly recommend something to my friends and subscribers. I do not want to destroy this trust that my audience expresses to me with unfair reviews. When I recommend a product on the terms of commercial cooperation, I always mention it. It seems to have happened three times. And these are products that I could recommend to my closest friends.

Communicate with your audience offline

My online life has long gone offline. I have a lot of friends and acquaintances in different cities whom I know through Facebook. When I go to a new town, I can write about it on my page with an offer to meet everyone. I am happy that there are people who come to me. These are not official meetings but opportunities to meet a new person and chat live in a cozy atmosphere. Now my friend Mariana Dushar, who is known by the name of Mrs. Stefa, and I are organizing English-Galician meetings, very private. We meet and talk to our “Facebookers” on topics that interest us. Facebook has become an effective tool for us to build this community around us.

The text must have an experience behind

I have specific requirements for the bloggers I read. These are Ukrainian-speaking, English-speaking, and Russian-speaking opinion leaders. It is important for me to read a beautiful Ukrainian text that evokes emotions in Ukrainian-speaking, which I do not want to scroll through, but wants to finish reading. It is rare, but it happens. They write about entirely different things: motherhood, translations, travel, politics, etc. It must be a quality text with pure reflections and form and content. The English bloggers I read-write, oddly enough, about England, English culture, and literature. Russian bloggers are dissidents, translators, and founders of translation schools. I wonder what they translate, what they live for, and their translation culture.

I do not understand how you can write a lot and often. It is difficult, in my opinion, to publish large portions of text so that they are not just letters that are composed of words and words – into sentences. The excellent text does not always come out. Therefore, for example, I do not often write columns on The words must have experience.

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Sometimes it may seem to companies that it is enough to create a website with a list of services and contacts to be in the field of view of potential customers and partners. Sites where information is rarely updated rank poorly in search engines and lose users’ trust. Here we discuss why companies should systematically talk about themselves online and what severe reputational problems it can save.

Information about the company should be updated on its platforms: website, social networks, newsletters, which are sent to customers and partners, and in the media.

1. Presence in the informational field will increase the share of the company’s voice relative to competitors.   Suppose you do not fill your websites and do not publish in the media. In that case, competitors will have a significant advantage, no matter how high-quality and reliable are the services or products you provide. It is necessary to systematically publish news and events of the company, reputable articles, and interviews with company representatives and disseminate them on social networks. It increases the chances of getting in the field of view and being remembered by target audiences.

2. Sites that are rarely updated lose credibility and search engine rankings. Such sites, and therefore companies, often give the impression to network users that they are irrelevant and non-functional. The effectiveness of such sites by search engines is declining. Instead, users have a high level of trust in search engines. They are more likely to choose the companies that are first in the search engine, which allows you to get a high percentage of conversion of site visitors into buyers.

3. Company image is Google search results. Instead of chaotic “scraps” of information about the company on the network, the systematic publication of your materials with messages and accents chosen by the company itself is another advantage. A potential customer first googles and then decides whether to apply for your service.

4. The company can become a source of information for the media. Journalists can link to your post on a website or Facebook post if they relate to a current topic in the field. For example, in the agency’s case, journalists visiting the profile on the Internet were formed with information material from the Facebook posts of the mining company.


The company’s social media page is not only a tool for promoting its product (in the case of b2c) but also a channel of communication with various groups of target audiences: partners, contractors, government, and journalists. Therefore, when creating content planning and targeting publications, it is necessary to consider and gather a “quality” audience on the page. When, for example, journalists are accustomed to regularly receiving company news from its page, each publication can become an informational occasion for material in the media

 Revide Ziyatdinova, PR manager of Perfect PR.

5. The company can become an expert in the media. If the company makes itself known and establishes contacts with the press from time to time, journalists can turn to it for expert comments. You can use various tools to do this, such as periodically commenting on events in the field on your page on the social network. If you are the head of the company, use the sites HelpSMI, and Deadline, and publish blogs in profile or business media.

6. The company’s regular appearance in the information field can protect it from spreading unverified information from rumors in the media. Suppose you are the first to cover the company’s news and significant events on your platforms, especially potentially crisis ones. In that case, the journalist is less likely to distort the facts heard from other sources. He will go to the site to check the information.

7. Updating information about yourself online can protect you from potential information attacks. If you are not the first to tell about yourself, enemies will do it. The company builds a foundation and trust with reputable systematic publications, which are harder to destroy with info attacks. It is crucial to publish and explain to the target audience essential decisions and processes if the business is potentially in crisis and may provoke misunderstandings or public discontent, for example, if the company’s business is related to the environment, health, or food production.

“It is perfect when the company’s speakers periodically come out to explain innovations and changes in their public pages on social networks. This adds a human face to the company, and sometimes the necessary emotions (which can not always be allowed on the company’s official website) and helps convey the position”

Eugene Slobodyanyuk, PR manager of Perfect PR.

8. Strengthening ties with contractors and partners. Updates on their sites and publications in the media show that the company is developing and doing well. It will give potential and current contractors confidence and confidence in your business.

Agency of Public Communications Perfect PR has announced its intention to partially or wholly by the creative companies of Western Ukraine. It is negotiating the acquisition of several companies operating in PR, SMM, and Digital.

Perfect PR notes a large number of requests for projects in the regions. At the same time, the agency considers this a challenge due to the specifics of the labor market and the lack of specialists. In most cities of Western Ukraine, there are no media companies that provide comprehensive communications services. So Perfect PR decided to merge and acquire other creative companies for quantitative and qualitative business scaling. The merger process will be transparent, in line with M&A best practices.

The main criteria for Perfect PR are:

  • Successful cases of creative teams.
  • Perfect mastery of digital tools.
  • Understanding of trends in the communications and the media market of Ukraine.

Also necessary is the experience in marketing and PR project management from 5 years. The advantage is the developed platforms for digital activities.


Perfect PR is an independent public communications agency founded by PR specialist Natalia Ulynets in 2011. The company implements effective communication solutions in the private, public, and public sectors; brings together a team of specialists in public communications, media, digital PR, consulting, and media. The main offices are located in Lviv and Kyiv. The agency works with Ukrainian and international businesses. Among the clients are the Halychyna (dairy company), the national yeast producer Enzyme Company, the Galnaftogaz Concern (one of the largest filling stations in Ukraine, OKKO), the Beverage Corporation PJSC Obolon, and the Vash Dim housing construction company, the British oil and gas company Cadogan Petroleum and others.

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