How, entertaining the audience, to attract customers to the company

People get tired of serious content, so it’s helpful for companies to entertain them from time to time. In addition, light interactive materials that engage the audience are often more effective than advertising texts and have benefits that can be enjoyed.

If you’ve ever been distracted by tests or interactive infographics where you can scroll through something, poke at icons and buttons, then you understand what we’re talking about; )

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In addition, according to media reports, tests are the most effective tool for attracting audiences. After all, tests are always a few minutes of focused attention allocated to the brand. What exactly will the company gain from such interaction? We tell by examples.

The audience will always read the company name in the material. This means increased visibility, because your brand – comes into view in the most readable type of content. Additionally, the audience will remember the product or service that is associated with you.

Emotional attachment to the company. An audience interested in content is having a good time, so this mood will be associated with the brand that offered such entertainment.

Report the required message. If you put a message about a company’s product or service in the interactive material, the audience will be able to build the right connection. For example, if you create a test of which yogurt is best for you for breakfast, it may give consumers an additional idea to use the product – to use yogurt in the morning.

As an example, the agency Perfect PR together with TM “Galicia” and launched a test: What do your clothes say about you? , which invites readers to find out what lifestyle suits them better.

The test is entertaining and at the same time as a result offers various options and pleasant situations for the use of the brand’s products, for example, your morning starts with granola and yogurt”Galychyna”, or in the evening, after a busy day, you like to sit comfortably on the couch with a book and a glass of Carpathian yogurt from Galicia.

Attracting a new audience. Interactive content from a brand or company can attract readers who have taken an interesting test but have never heard of the company before. and did not use its products or services. And this can be a good start and a reason to get acquainted with them.

From the test Which apartment suits me perfectly? , which the agency has developed together with the construction company”Vash Dim”and, at least a new audience will learn about this The developer will have fun, and at most – she may be interested in the specific style and planning of housing, which the company offers according to the test results.

Also the message in the test is”to have your own space, where you want to return after a tiring day, where families will be comfortable and safe, where you can gather with your family by the fireplace or arrange picnics with friends”is vivid in the imagination and can create an associative attachment to the company.

Spreading a mention of a company or brand. If the test or other interactive material is interesting, it will be shared on social networks, sent to friends and acquaintances. And more distributions are more mentions of the company and more recognizability.

Seriality . If you create a series of thematically related interactive content and announce it, the audience will already be waiting for the next materials. This means that you will stay in touch longer with potential customers who may become your fans.

As an example, a number of book predictions from TM “Galychyna”: book predictions , predictions

If you partner and publish interactive material on a platform that is used by your target audience, it will give the company quality contacts. After all, readers are already interested in the field or products you work with, it remains only to attract attention.

In order to create witty, interesting interactive content, you do not need not only a good sense of humor, but also a deep knowledge of your audience and a stated goal what message and what useful audience should get as a result.

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