Twitter(X): How Ukrainian Brands Use It For Creative Communications


Social networks have become an integral part of our lives. Not only do they provide connection and communication between people, but they have also become a powerful tool for business. One of the most popular social networks is Twitter(X).

Ukrainian companies are not standing aside from this phenomenon and are actively using Twitter(X) to communicate with their customers and to build brand awareness. So, how do Ukrainian brands use Twitter(X) to communicate and promote their products and services?

A little background

Twitter(X) was founded in March 2006. The platform was created as a tool for short messages that could be sent via SMS. Over the years, the platform has undergone numerous changes and developments, including this year when “Twitter” was renamed “X.”

Ukrainians did not immediately embrace Twitter(X). However, during the Revolution of Dignity, this social network became a platform for spreading news about the events on the Maidan. Since then, Ukrainians have started to use Twitter(X) more actively, and the Ukrainian hashtag #ukrti has been created, which is still actively used today and is used to disseminate various information, from political issues to jokes and memes.

Recently, it has become apparent that Ukrainian brands and companies cannot simply ignore Twitter(X) and have begun actively using it to communicate with their audience, as it is a real treasure trove among all social networks.

In terms of numbers, in 2023, the new Twitter(X) social network reached a record number of monthly users, amounting to 541,562,2146.

Brand development on Twitter(X)

Ukrainian brands began engaging in Twitter(X) around 2018-2019. Then there was a slight decline in activity, but #ukraine and brands were given a new lease of life on February 24, 2022, when Russia began its invasion of Ukraine. It became a powerful catalyst for Ukrainian brands, which began to actively use Twitter(X) to respond to events with humor and memes.

The most creative manifestations of brands on Twitter(X)

Ukrainian brands have proven to be very creative on Twitter(X). They skillfully combine serious news with jokes and patriotic content.

Just look at the selection of pink creatives from Ukrainian brands for the premiere of the Barbie movie.

Or just mention the congratulations on the Day of the National Flag and Independence Day of Ukraine from Ukrainian brands.

There are many more such examples, which is very encouraging.

What Are the Benefits of Using Twitter(X) For Brands?

First, it is effective communication. Twitter(X) allows you to communicate quickly and efficiently with your customers and followers, answer questions, and respond to newsworthy events.

Secondly, it is brand awareness and loyalty. Active communication of Ukrainian brands on Twitter(X) contributes significantly to their further development and recognition on Twitter(X) and other social networks.

Thirdly, it means always being in the “news.”

Briefly about the main thing

Twitter(X) is a powerful platform for Ukrainian brands to communicate with customers and followers. Brands that use Twitter(X) effectively receive much attention and likes. Twitter(X) content should be well-developed and creative to attract the audience’s attention.

Therefore, you are welcome if your brand still needs to be added to Twitter(X). There is plenty of room!

Author: Yulia Pysarenko

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