Twitter + Elon = ?

Creating a platform for free speech was the goal of the famous billionaire and entrepreneur Elon Musk when he bought Twitter. On 28 October, the deal, which had been discussed for more than six months, finally took place. The SpaceX founder announced it with a video on the same network, in which he brought a sink to the company’s headquarters. There is a certain symbolism in this, as Musk himself wants to wash away everything he considers unnecessary on the social network. Let’s find out what exactly he means below.

“We don’t have sacred cows”, or changes that have already taken place on Twitter

●  The possibility of buying a blue tick

●  The new Twitter Blue officially became available in the iPhone and iPad app on 9 November. For $8 a month, social media users could purchase an account verification icon. However, the new service did not last long – only three days. The company attributed this to the growing number of fake accounts that had the icon. The new feature has been suspended, but it was reported that the company plans to resume selling blue ticks on Twitter on 29 November. Vox Populi, Vox Dei

Twitter’s new policy is “freedom of speech, not freedom of reach”, and the company is not going to ban users for life. It is quite possible that there will be changes and revisions to previous decisions within Twitter Rules and Policies.

The social media platform has already unbanned the accounts of American rapper Kanye West (who was banned for anti-Semitism) and former US President Donald Trump. Regarding the letter, Elon Musk created a poll on his account asking whether to unblock the odious politician. 52% of users voted in favor. However, the US ex-president himself said that due to the large number of fake accounts and low percentage of user engagement, he was not going to go back. What’s next?

  • Elon plans to make tweet editing free and accessible to all users.
  • Cancel the postscript under the tweets – Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Android. The tweet will not show information about the device from which it was posted: iPhone or Android.
  • A new feature of paid messages that will allow users to send private messages to politicians, opinion leaders, etc.
  • The ability to attach long text to tweets (goodbye screenshots attached to tweets).
  • Creation of a special counsel to make important moderation decisions in the company.
  • Improving the search and return functions of short Vine videos.
  • Creating its own payment system within Twitter and later transforming it into a universal application. Musk spoke about this during a live broadcast on the Twitter Spaces audio system.

At Perfect PR, we have also felt the changes in Twitter’s management, as we have a service – Twitter for brands. We continue to closely monitor the modifications of the network together with our clients. Despite the controversy of Musk himself and all his changes, we can say that they are at least the beginning of the end of the clerical system, which has signs of commitment.

In addition, one of the stated goals is to get the company out of debt, as the company has been unprofitable for 8 out of the last 10 years. When making decisions, Elon is guided by how to not only develop the company but also increase profits. We hope that Musk will be able to find a middle ground in qualitative changes in the company and make money on the social network. It will be 100% interesting to see what happens next.

Authors: Taras Humeniuk, Maryna Redko.

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