The X-RAY Victory


Another significant victory for our team! The Mom, I See War project won the Best International Campaign nomination by Marketing Media Review in the X-RAY marketing project competition.

“The ‘Mom, I See War’ project is over a year old, and we have had many achievements. We have collected over 15 thousand drawings, opened exhibitions with drawings in more than 60 countries, received international awards, and now won the X-Ray Marketing Awards.

However, first of all, all these awards belong to our incredible children who shared their drawings and stories and contributed to our digital collection, which is a living testament to russian aggression in Ukraine,” says Revide Ziyatdinova, PR specialist of the project.

Danylo Tsvok, one of the project’s co-founders, says: “Drawing is one of the ways to show your attitude to war. It’s a kind of reflection. Children’s drawings are real, sincere testimonies of war that have become a large project.”

We are glad our agency is part of the large-scale international project. Mom, I see war. Thank you all for your support!

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