The Marketing Funnel: Unveiling the Realm of Communication

Маркетингова воронка

The concept of a marketing funnel (also known as a sales funnel) describes a consumer’s decision-making process before purchasing a product or service. It helps marketing and communications teams determine consumer attitudes, understand where customers are, and what should be done to engage them.

The funnel demonstrates the critical role of marketing and communication efforts and activities in generating sales at each stage.

  • Awareness: Do consumers know your brand or product exists? The level of awareness indicates how easy it will be to attract new consumers. At this stage, communicators will consider activities to increase audience awareness and engagement.
  • Interest: Do consumers see how your brand or product meets their needs? At this stage, consumers pay attention to crucial brand messages.
  • Consideration: Consumers are researching your product and want to learn more. Collaborating with influencers to reach an interested audience will help deepen consumer interest and encourage them to decide. At this stage, they need to be informed.
  • Evaluation: Consumers compare your product to competitors. Does your product better meet consumer needs at the right price than its competitors? At this stage, communicators must maximize the product’s benefits and characteristics.
  • Purchase: how did the consumer make the purchase? Did the product meet expectations? Would the consumer be willing to recommend your product to others?

Although communication can influence every step of the marketing funnel, the most critical activities are those in the first step. It’s only possible to sell a product if the consumer knows it exists, is relevant to them, and has a favorable reputation.

Knowing where the consumer is on the path to purchase allows communications professionals to plan accordingly, meet them, and influence them at the stage where they are.

Author: Anna Stukalska

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