Trends in marketing: what works, what – no

The pandemic has become a catalyst for digitalization: businesses are forced to explore new directions to stay afloat. A conventional restaurant, which did not need to master food delivery before the pandemic, is forced not only to set up and optimize internal processes, but also to fight for attention on Google and Facebook advertising platforms. What is it, Internet marketing 2021 and where should digital agencies move to be on the wave with the client? Preference is given to those who have a bigger financial cushion and who are more adept at working with new technologies. Lockdown has forced more than one business to digitalize, so competition for advertising space has grown. More companies have started competing for a place in the Instagram feed and for the second position in the search (advertising) issue of Google. The user wins here, because he gets more choice. Representatives of the business, competing for placement (place for advertising), pay more. That is why those who are able to overpay have an advantage in the fight, and those who can better and more meticulously adjust and optimize the advertising process. Approaches to data analysis are changing: Facebook will no longer be able to “read minds.” Apple has given users a choice: to share data or not. Refusal to track will hit the entire industry: targets will not be able to qualitatively adjust advertising, which will reduce the effectiveness of online marketing. Owners of media sites that rent banner ads will receive fewer clicks, which means less profit. That is, there will be a rollback of efficiency for several years, and the feeling that Facebook “reads thoughts” will no longer be. At least for some time, because new methods are being developed for data collection, and in order not to lose information about site visitors, you need to use new approaches in web analytics. One such approach, in particular, Perfect PR is already testing internally. Analytics is driving. Just “going digital” doesn’t work anymore. You need to be able to work with system algorithms, collect data, analyze them, and, importantly, make the right decisions. And the right decisions are those that are based on a sufficient amount of data. Therefore it is necessary to know, for example, such indicators as ROI, ROMI, ROAS, LTV, and to make decisions already on the checked indicators. Where do you need to be now to be on the same page with your client? Wherever there is a client. After all, the conventional Kyiv construction company competes in the fight for placement not only with the other 200 companies that also advertise housing, but also with food delivery, a new smartphone, a taxi, flower delivery, another trendy toy… And if you go even further, you need to compete with a friend’s story on Instagram, with a long-time business analyst on LinkedIn, a funny dog ​​with Tik-Tok, a stand-up event on Facebook or a review of a food blogger of a Japanese restaurant in Copenhagen on YouTube . And for this you need to clearly understand your client, properly collect data, properly analyze them and make the right decisions. Quality data and effective solutions ✌? Author: Taras Gumenyuk

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