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Copywriting… This word may seem utterly incomprehensible to most people who don’t speak English. But in fact, everything is much simpler. In short, copywriters are the authors of texts. They create content on various platforms and environments, from social media to public speeches by public leaders.

We live in a time when even the least known facts can be found in seconds. That’s why the copywriting industry continues to develop rapidly, and advanced technologies create new opportunities for those skilled in working with texts.

As a rule, a writer creates texts on various topics, but it is essential to remember that they cannot be competent enough in all areas. How can you learn to conduct research quickly and efficiently to create high-quality content?

Firstly, it is crucial to have access to primary sources. It would help if you also analyzed the work of other researchers in the field. It is essential not only to read the person’s biography but also to read other interviews, news, and published results of that person to get insights not included in the public domain.

Does every copywriter need his or her own style?

To be honest, yes! Thanks to the author’s style, we can distinguish true masters of words from amateurs. Neither GPT chat nor other advanced technologies will compete with copywriters with their own style.

It is similar to when cell phones with high-quality cameras appeared, and many were worried that photographers might lose their profession because now image-making is accessible to everyone. However, professional photographers were not afraid of this-they continued to realize their ideas because they had their own experience and style. It’s the same in literature: a distinctive style helps to separate an author from others.

Can I use GPT chat and be honest with myself?

GPT chat can serve as an alternative to Google for finding specific information. However, it is important to remember that AI cannot write the entire text for you, as you, as the author, have your own understanding of the topic, and the machine cannot wholly replace you. You can use Chat GPT as an auxiliary tool, but you still need to put in your own professional efforts to create texts that require creativity and individual style.

The modern world of information technology and media requires a new approach to writing and distributing content. In this context, it is crucial to understand the values that shape the essence and quality of copyright today. 

Let’s look at the key aspects determining modern copyright’s value and important role in contemporary media.

Content is King. A copywriter puts the quality and value of content first, taking into account the needs and interests of the audience.

Feedback. Encourages interaction and feedback from readers for continuous content improvement.

SEO Optimization. Takes into account the importance of search engine optimization to ensure high rankings in web searches.

Creativity. Supports the development of creative ideas and non-standard approaches to content.

Communication and Social Responsibility. Supports communication and works for the development of society and its well-being.


Staying up-to-date with and responding to industry trends is essential to being as effective as possible in today’s media landscape. Here are some key trends that will shape the face of copywriting in 2023:

TikTok та Instagram Reels

These platforms have been the most favorite and popular among Internet users for three years. You won’t find long texts or video reports here – everything is short and clear. It is a task for copywriters to talk about an event or make an advertisement using only the most appropriate words. I call it the art of minimalism and brevity.

Storytelling is the real magic of speech

Our whole life is built on stories. They make information more exciting and memorable than dry facts or statistics. Storytelling allows you to create an emotional connection with readers. Stories can have unexpected plot twists that encourage the audience to read to the end. Texts in the form of storytelling create a so-called dialog between the author and the audience and facilitate the exchange of their opinions. That’s why copywriters should be able to tell about anything as if they had experienced it in their own lives.

“Now show me what I read”

It’s no secret that visual perception of information is the best way to learn. Our brains are more likely to “read” information they already know. Therefore, textual content should be supplemented with images, photos, or infographics. Therefore, copywriters should develop the skills of creating multimedia materials to make their materials most effective for their audience.

Finally, here are a few general principles that will help you become more confident in creating successful texts:

Values and principles in the field of copywriting affect the quality and effectiveness of the content created. Adherence to these principles not only helps attract the audience’s attention but also builds long-term relationships with it.

Whether you are a professional copywriter or just starting in this field, remember that values always serve as a guide and help you create content that matters and impacts the world.

Author: Ihor Bazan