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Invest reputation: who needs it and for what?

We have already considered the importance of reputation for investments in the previous article, and now we want to show how it works and who needs it first.

Representations of foreign companies opening the Ukrainian market 

Entering a new market requires effective communication with all stakeholders.

Systematized work of a communicator is required at each stage: introduction, negotiations, the conclusion of agreements, and beginning of cooperation. After all, each of them performs its tasks and needs special tools.

In the communication space, it is important to create a database of important information about the company: why did you decide to develop the Ukrainian market; what advantages it will bring for the region or the country (payment of taxes, implementation of projects to improve the quality of life of community residents, creation of new jobs).

In conditions of decentralization, it is critically important for investment projects to start information support successfully. For example, when working with local communities, conducting an information campaign at the beginning of the activity will be easier, cheaper and faster. It will help build trust and become a solid foundation for building a reputation. Instead, inaccuracy in the messages or the form of their delivery at the beginning of the relationship between the investor and the stakeholders can be worth the invested funds, time and trust.

To attract investments for the development purpose: from classic business projects to startups.

Business needs to communicate important events in the company’s life. Gather and invite key players in the information field of the country or region to a face-to-face meeting. It can be journalists, managers, politicians, or community representatives. Communicate the event and its results in the media, potentially read by the target audience: potential business partners or customers. It will help lay the foundations for the investment attractiveness of the business and demonstrate the benefits that all cooperation participants will receive: investors, partners, authorities, consumers, and the community.

When it comes to startups, we have slightly different specificity. It is essential to build cooperation with foreign partners as well correctly. Perfect PR has experience working with dozens of startups in pitching, presentations for foreign investors, and with the largest angel investor in Ukraine. Startups with information materials created during our cooperation participated in the largest exhibition in history, Dubai Expo 2020, and in the most prominent IT conference, Web Summit.

Local communities that need to attract investment

Local communities can quite realistically compete for investments not only with neighboring amalgamated territorial communities but also with residents of other countries. Thanks to a good reputation and effective communication.

The Perfect PR agency will help create and implement a strategy of building a reputation for investment attractiveness, prepare for pitches and win investors’ trust. We make simple, modern, and clear communication that will help the community to receive and benefit from investments.

For a business that plans to sell

A well-deserved question may arise here: why work on the company’s reputation if it is going to be sold. The answer is simple. A good reputation, including an investment reputation, will always serve as added value to the company’s price. This is how the market works. Companies that take care of their reputation have well-communicated financial indicators and investment attractiveness and sell for more.

In addition, even before the sale, the reputation will have a positive effect on the company due to the following benefits:

  • brand trust
  • more talented employees,
  • more involved customers,
  • higher profitability.

A business that has a problematic reputation is sold cheaper. After all, trust in the brand can be undermined by scandals, lawsuits, or negative reviews that the user finds while searching for information about the company. For the same reason, potential employees, especially those who live according to their value systems, may leave for a competitor, which, in turn, indirectly reduces the company’s profits.

Therefore, reputation is an essential factor at the evaluation or decision-making stage during selling a business.

Reputation is primarily about trust, based on which truly strong and long-term cooperation can be formed. However, each case requires an individual approach. There is no single template for building a reputation and communicating with stakeholders that can replicate someone else’s success. It is painstakingly systematic and planned work, adapted to all aspects and nuances of your activity.

The Perfect PR agency will care for your investment reputation and provide high-quality and effective information support and support throughout the entire cooperation.

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