Himself PR, or Features of personal PR

A big business owner, a freelance designer, a copywriter looking for orders on online exchanges, an unemployed specialist – all of them (regardless of the size of the company, type of activity or service) need personal PR. This is a challenge of time and the requirements of running a successful business.

Where to start?

Whatever you do, almost 100 % of cases in the market are competitors. Thanks to personal PR you can stand out, become unique. Yes, someone may be raising money for a startup with a similar idea, but a competitor, unlike you, does not have valuable experience in implementing similar projects, does not have high managerial qualities, high efficiency and determination. Or he simply failed to convey his benefits to the target audience, in this case to potential shareholders.

So where to start? Like everything else – with clear planning. You need to write a PR strategy. If possible, the right decision would be to seek the help of a communications specialist. The publicist will determine your target audience, make a media analysis, calculate the quantity and quality of media presence. And most importantly – to identify goals and objectives that will be the cornerstone of personal PR strategy.

But PR & # 8211; this, of course, is not higher mathematics. After reading a few books, articles, you can work on yourself so that the people you need (CA) learn about you from the side you need (correct positioning). For example, if you are a wedding photographer with a very high price, then you need young wealthy people, coming across the memory of you, to know that you will make the best photos of an important event. Not that you’ve recently taken a cooking class.

Therefore, you need to clearly communicate what you are best and unique, speak the language of your target audience and publish on the sites where it usually happens . Of course, an interview with Lisa magazine will not help a designer find new clients.

Daily actions for personal PR

Social networks have long been our platforms for personal PR. This is where you can quickly tell about your achievements and strengths. In Ukraine, one of the most visited resources is Facebook. You can create a public page (not a private page) where you are allowed to enable advertising. Here you write professional, useful advice in your field. Target your ads to the right audience, the right location. If you have many friends on your personal page, distribute each post there as well. Encourage friends to subscribe to the public page. Look for large open groups on Facebook that are relevant to your field, and post your own posts there.

Write analytical research, personal blogs, shoot and post video content. You can create a Youtube channel for your video posts. However, do not forget that you need to download videos from your computer to Facebook, because this social network does not really “like” Youtube and therefore will reduce the number of impressions of such content in the feed of your friends or subscribers.

Record audio podcasts on your topic. Tell us about trends, innovations in your field, invite experts to talk.

Remember to be offline. Visit local business events, exhibitions, forums that are relevant to your field of activity. Apply to be a speaker, an expert.

In short – be as active as possible in your activities and do not forget to cover each activity from the best side.

Reputational risks, or anti-crisis PR

The more your popularity grows, the more negative comments, reviews you will face. If you have already decided to become a public figure, just be prepared for that. This world will not change soon. Bots commissioned by competitors, haters, envious people, people with low self-esteem allow themselves to talk about others in obscene words, without even having any motivation to do so. These should simply be ignored and not included in the discussion. Don’t expect constructiveness from them.

But, in the end, criticism can be motivated. It is common for all people to make mistakes. Sometimes all the circumstances can be against you: you did not do your job 100% or, due to health, did not follow the deadline, etc. That’s why they left a reasoned negative response about you.

In such cases, your reaction is decisive. Don’t be afraid to admit your mistakes, don’t be afraid to explain in an accessible way, don’t be afraid to apologize. There were cases when people, acting correctly in crisis situations, honestly admitting their failure, came out as real winners with new customers and new orders. And, most importantly, gained a reputation as an adequate, intelligent person.

Instead, silence on comments and reasoned claims or overly harsh responses can lead to escalation of the conflict and loss of a positive image for a long time.

Remember that building a personal brand from scratch is much easier than when a personal brand has been in a protracted crisis.

Results of successful personal PR

A logical question arises, and how to measure whether PR was successful and what to expect from him. First of all, determine whether it was possible to achieve or at least get closer to the goals and objectives set in the PR strategy.

Compare media monitoring before and after the PR campaigns. The number of positive mentions should increase significantly.

By entering your name in the search engine feed, you should get the perfect picture of a business owner / professional / artist. The number of customer requests and, accordingly, your business should grow.

But, remember, like any other PR campaign , personal promotion is a slow business. It requires a lot of hard daily work and strict adherence to strategy.

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