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PR Planner - PerfectPR

PR Planner

PR Planner

PR Planner is the first and only Ukrainian PR Planner, which was created by the Perfect PR team at the end of 2021.

First PR Planner in Ukraine

Our team aimed to create a product that will develop the PR industry and PR education in Ukraine. We wanted to share knowledge, experience and tools in the field of PR to make the life of communicators a little more streamlined and easier. And as a result of five months of work, we have created a holistic and practical product that helps to move faster and more efficiently in communication projects.

In PR Planner, we have covered the following topics and tools:


How to determine KPIs of communication


Reputation management


The structure of PR strategy


Media planning and content planning


Working with the media and organizing media events


Crisis communications


Internal communications


CSR and its impact on brand reputation


And others.

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