About PR Planer as an agency project

The war changed the life vector of each of us. But at the agency, we have returned to active work, volunteering projects, and brave communications. Since February, we have had unpublished material about our fantastic PR Planner.

This was a significant stage in the 10-year development of the Perfect PR. As a team, we have vast experience, knowledge, and tools in public relations. That is why we sought to make the lives of communicators a little more orderly and more superficial and to create a product that will develop PR education and the PR industry in Ukraine.

We developed a PR Planner for those whose profession is related to communications: 

  • PR managers; 
  • entrepreneurs who want to practice public relations for their business;
  • communication students
  • for everyone interested in PR. 

It was the first physical product our agency had to create, a new challenge for us. We did not deal with creating and selling physical products before because a PR agency is not about that. But we wanted to be the first and make a one-of-a-kind product, PR Planner. And these are not loud words because, to this day, there is no analog in Ukraine.

We went from finding a design concept to connecting the payment system to the website, and at almost every step, we encountered sort of “surprises,” sometimes not quite pleasant ones. But we have learned to perceive them as other tasks, the implementation of which will lead us to a perfect result.

Everyone from the Perfect PR agency was involved in the planner’s content creation process. We chose the topics and tried to highlight only the primary and valuable information. It is truly inspiring to see how an idea becomes an actual product and to receive feedback of gratitude.

“We invested in this product not only our professionalism but also our love. Someone already calls it a practical guide, and we do not object. After all, PR Planer is a unique and important manifestation of our faith and support for each of you”, — said Natalia Ulynets, CEO of Perfect PR.

After recovering from the war’s shock, we realized that daily planning of our affairs might help us regain at least some control over our lives and serve as a kind of inner support. And for professional purposes, a PR Planner is an indispensable assistant because it has clear, structured, and practical tips and tools for building communications. We believe our weapon is communication and should sound powerful, confident, and systematic.

Everything will be Ukraine!

Anna Stukalska

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