PR for investment companies: what is important to consider in communications

According to the latest communication studies of the Ukrainian agrarian market, 89% of companies use PR tools in their activities. However, the researchers emphasized the lack of a strategic and comprehensive approach to communications for most companies. We share the features of communications for agricultural companies.
Special Events
Every farmer attends an exhibition, forum, conference at least once a year to find the necessary goods for their own business and to present their own products. Among the large number of Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers – it is easy to get lost. Therefore, in addition to traditional printing and product samples, you should be creative in the design of the stands to stand out from the competition and attract the attention of participants. Modern tools for this are VR-technologies, or video 3600, 3D-holograms, etc. Offer an interesting presentation of your product and the queue of those who want to test the novelty will not disappear near your stand.
Off-season communications
The seasonality factor in the agricultural sector is key. Search and purchase of seeds, mineral fertilizers, necessary equipment, periods of sowing, fertilization, harvesting – are very busy for all farmers. However, this does not mean that in the off-season, such as winter, companies should stop communicating. After all, this is exactly the period when farmers have more free time and they can be directed to communication messages in digital, specialized forums, industry media. In addition to useful and informative content in the off-season, you can communicate with the audience with interactive content, mem-jacking. The latter can have a great viral effect, which will increase the recognition of your brand.
Not the only agrarian media
High-quality media base is a key advantage of effective mailings and communication with editorial offices. In addition to agricultural media (both online and print formats), attention should be paid to public and business media. There are several reasons for this: on such media platforms there is less competition with other market operators that are actively promoted in agricultural media; business media is probably read by representatives of the B2B segment, so this is a good opportunity to prove yourself there. If your company operates only in a certain region, be sure to communicate at regional sites. This contributes to the formation of the company’s reputation at the local level and the brand of the employer.
Expert and Market Feedback
The agrarian community is very developed in Ukraine. Usually market operators, contractors know each other, communicate at industry events, online platforms, trust the expert opinions of colleagues and scientists. Therefore, joint materials, collaborations, video reviews of your products from your customers and other agricultural market participants always have a positive effect in building loyalty to the trust of your company.
Omnichannel Approach
The omnichannel approach is a trend in communications for many industries and agrarian is no exception. Online and offline media resources formats, own platforms, participation and partnership in events, cooperation with thought leaders – comprehensive and systematic use of these channels and tools establish effective communication with both B2B and B2C audience.

Author: Revide Ziyatdinova

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