Halychyna Dairy Company

Halychyna Dairy Company + Perfect PR agency

We have been working with Halychyna since 2018. Our main task is to provide comprehensive PR support in the Ukrainian media space.

We also develop and implement PR and media projects for the company, such as:


«Carpathian Tinder» - a joint project of Halychyna Media Group and tochka.net. This special project allows users to find their place of strength in the legendary Ukrainian mountains.

«The Carpathians were a source of inspiration for our ancestors, and they will definitely remain so for us and our children»


«Carpathian Calendar» is a special project of Halychyna Media Group and divoche.media.

«Be inspired by the Carpathians and look for your routes throughout the year. The mountains fill you with strength and help you find answers to all your questions»


A series of animated video explainers about dairy products.

We developed the concept of a series of videos that would tell the audience interesting information about dairy products in simple words.


"Twitter for Halychyna"

We created a brand account on Twitter, where we keep in touch with the audience through constant monitoring, reactions to brand’s mentions and current events and newsjacking in the community.

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