Enzym Company

Enzym Company + Perfect PR agency

Information support for the participation of the ExtraCell brand (biotechnology food) from Enzym Company at the international exhibition Food Ingredients 2022.

As a part of the co-work, we created a framework for the company's communications on Linkedin:


created a content plan for two months;


highlighted key information points for the ExtraCell brand in communications;


Developed information accents for posts and the purpose of each publication.

Coverage of ExtraCell brand activities

In preparation for the Food Ingredients 2022 international exhibition, we provided weekly media and Linkedin monitoring for the ExtraCell brand. This allowed us to track competitors’ information tactics and policies. The results of the monitoring were weekly analytical reports highlighting the main events/articles/research/events taking place in the biotechnology market and around Food Ingredients 2022.

To cover ExtraCell brand activities, Perfect PR specialists created two materials for rotation in international media and agreed on cooperation with the international media FoodBev.

As part of the project, we also created 2 newsletters for email distribution to ExtraCell brand partners and media representatives.


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