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Not the only press conference

It is difficult to imagine a new product or service entering the market without a press event. But this does not mean that you should limit yourself to the usual press conference, boring briefing or round table. If you want the event to be loud and effective, we suggest you pay attention to other forms of presentation. What they can be and how to organize them well – experts know Perfect PR!

Press-sn idanok

In which cases : presentation of a new brand, rebranding, upgrade of a product or service.

For whom: direct target audience. This can include both a pool of journalists and direct customers if the service or product is narrowly focused.

Where: A small coffee shop or even a press room where catering can be arranged for a press breakfast. / p>

How: inviting to a press breakfast should take care of a convenient time for. In the rhythm of a big city it is better to organize a press event in a convenient location, in the center. Duration of the press breakfast: up to an hour.

In addition to the speakers, do not forget about the moderator. Much can depend on his skill.

Perhaps the most important will be the treat, because the very name of the press breakfast already suggests this. The interactive part and gifts will also be useful.

An example of a successful press breakfast: an event for the Halychyna dairy company

Organized for journalists and bloggers, a press event at One love coffee, with refreshments and a mini-lecture from a nutrition consultant, was organized to present a new product – Carpathian yogurt TM “Galychyna”. Invited guests also had the opportunity to create their own mix in the yogurt bar, choosing additives for white yogurt without fillers, to taste. The gift that all the guests of the event received was a folder with press materials, a flash drive with an electronic version of the press kit and new yogurts. The gift was given in an actual bag – a bag.

As for the invitation and its distribution, as well as contact before and after the event – it is better to give these things to professional PR people.

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Press tour

In which cases: opening of a new space, news related to production, big events (film festivals, for example).

< For whom: mainly for journalists of the required profile.

Where: in the place you want to introduce the audience.

How: if your business is a factory and you have updated the equipment. Or, for example, you are a wine producer and have your own vineyards, etc., & # 8211; a press tour is exactly what you need. This event is large-scale and costly, but the received emotions will definitely impress journalists, and they, in turn, will be able to convey it, in a favorable light for you, to media readers.

An example of a successful press tour: an event for journalists under time of the Odessa Film Festival.

Every year during the Odessa Film Festival, a press tour is organized for journalists of specialized publications – with delivery from different cities and assistance in settling. Yes, news about the film festival and films is spread by 750 journalists from all over the world.

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Coffee with

In which cases: when you have a small audience and need personal PR directly.

For whom: for journalists or consumers.

Where: most often & # 8211; in a coffee shop, but can be in a library, a modern hub, or – depending on the nature of the presentation.

How: if you are a writer who publishes a new book, or a specialist in a field, and want to draw attention to their activities, this type of event – can be an invaluable helper. You will get to know your audience, and in a more intimate atmosphere you will be able to tell about your activities or get feedback. The only disadvantage of this event is that it is not designed for a large number of people.

Presentation party

In which cases: the release of a new magazine, the opening of the institution, the presentation of a new drink.

For whom: can be both a commercial promo and personal (for show business representatives, for example), the audience should consist directly of those involved in the field, or can disseminate information, for example, bloggers.

Where: a place is a must

How: The main rule of this format is that it should be a fun event. With minimal information, but with good design, refreshments, music. It is worth taking care of a famous DJ, entertainment program, photo and video support.

Example of a successful press party: an event from the fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar.

How to plan an event?

It’s best to plan from the end, focusing on the result you want to get. < / p>

Purpose – Drive – Format – Result

ROI of the event is determined by the formula: the total cost of free publications is divided by the budget of the event.

We wish you a pleasant and effective press. events!

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