Native advertising: 7 reasons why the brand needs it

Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Or how to interest your target audience

Any online resource can always boast of banner advertising. But that doesn’t mean that a particular advertiser is lucky enough to reach their audience in this way. Therefore, companies also choose another option to tell about themselves, their product or service – through articles, events and more. However, this approach is more complex and for it to work, you need to place the right emphasis and be interesting to the target audience.

Why use native advertising, how to do it and when it will work.

Native advertising is interesting and useful content (article, video, test), which is prepared by the editors together with the brand. Such advertising in form, feelings and functions corresponds to the media in which it is published, and is organically perceived among other editorial materials.

The tendency to increase native advertising continues, because A huge advantage of this type of communication is a greater number of conversions at lower costs, and most importantly – the trust of the audience.

These seven main benefits will get the brand if you use native advertising. p> 1. Bringing the value and philosophy of the brand to its own and new target audience

If the task of regular advertising is to increase sales, then the task of native advertising is more important – it wins the trust of new target audience and maintains the degree of commitment of regular consumers. The main thing is to create content that the audience will find useful for themselves.

The path to the heart of a new target audience is through shared values ​​and positive emotions. Therefore, choose a media whose audience values ​​coincide with the values ​​of the brand, and publish an extensive native article there. For example, talk about your important corporate social responsibility projects or company-initiated activities that help protect the environment. A good example is a series of native materials by Ive Rosher «Rescue Guide planets ».

2. Attracting “warm customers”

Another indisputable advantage of native advertising is retargeting. After all, the native material of the brand will first of all reach the audience that is already interested and independently looking for a particular topic or problem, which the brand touched upon in its publication. For such readers, native advertising will be an impetus to take advantage of the brand’s products. That’s why you should always carefully study your target audience and monitor their moods.

3. Beautiful search results for your brand

If you’ve already posted native media ads, these materials will stay there forever. Therefore, when a consumer first hears the name of the company and begins to search for information about it on the Internet, the search engine will offer him, in addition to your site, social networks, as well as your native articles. That is, a person will find the information that you have formed yourself (and not, for example, your competitors).

</ p> 4. Precious time dedicated to your brand

If you prepare a really useful and interesting native article, the audience will pay you the most valuable currency of the modern world – your time.

When experts evaluate the success of native campaigns, they take into account the time spent by readers on your content. Its average duration is about 10 minutes. Agree, it is very difficult to interest in other marketing activities for such time.

5. Plus to the “karma” of your site

Usually in the native article the media allow you to leave hyperlinks to your company’s site. Accordingly, if you are linked by sites with a good ranking, it gives more weight to your site (positively affects its indexing).

6. Access to users who are protected by AdBlock

For the most part, visitors ignore the classic advertising, not for nothing did the term “banner” blindness. Many users also have AdBlock installed on their computers. However, both blocker and the human eye perceive native advertising as content. So in this case, the chances of reaching your target audience increase significantly.

7. Creative, interactive and engaging format

Native advertising formats can be different: native advertising can entertain readers, introduce the brand’s mission, creatively talk about the company’s products and even educate . Regular article with useful tips, online test, article + exciting video, creative presentation with collages, for example gastronomic preferences of Ukrainian writers . Interactive and creative formats are usually the most widely used and can go viral.

Native advertising is a powerful tool for brand communicators. However, it should be remembered that it will be effective only when there is a synergy between company representatives and journalists. After all, both should be interested in creating a really cool project.

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