Natalia Ulynets, CEO of Perfect PR: what drives and shapes the professionalism of PR specialists

Wednesday, 19 January 2022

In what areas should a PR person be aware of? Without what stage will any PR campaign be dead? What are the key trends in communications? Natalia Ulynets, the founder of the public communications agency Perfect PR, co-founder of the information agency “ Divis.Info “, spoke about this and other things at a lecture for students & # 8211; members of the Ivan Franko LNU Political Club – future communication specialists.

1.We live in the information age or rather in the age of illusions and versions. Media is the main tool in building illusions. The information age is an age of redundant information for a person and a great deficit of important information. Unfortunately, today the consciousness of the average person is influenced by information noise, not a book. Information noise not only describes life, but in the process of description affects its creation. These are the words of G. Pocheptsov, with which I agree 100%.

2.A professional PR person cannot be knowledgeable only in the field of communications. It is important to know the history, the history of large companies in the world, to have knowledge of marketing, psychology, political science. The relentless process of development, employment in various projects – this is what drives and shapes the professionalism of the publicist. The 21st century is the era of PR people and the fashion for them, despite the lack of a clear market in Ukraine.

3.There is a feeling that social networks are a temporary phenomenon. Young people are fleeing to messengers. Importantly, what can replace Facebook? I think someone definitely has a plan.

4.Any information and promotion campaign needs a clear identification of its audience. Otherwise, there is a risk that a quality information product may simply become an element of information noise, without “reaching the target audience.” “Different CA – different communication tools – different information platforms” & # 8211; this is the basic formula in the work of a communications specialist.

5.Main trend & # 8211; visualization of processes and their coverage “here and now”. Text is good, but admit it when you last read a long text. Longread texts work, but now the leading positions are occupied by photos and videos.

6.PR campaign will be dead without strategy and planning. This applies to all areas and different types of organizations: private, public, non-profit.

7.Management of public and business processes cannot be conducted without the media sphere. The media is a repeater of versions and meanings, a tool that reflects and shapes models at the local and state levels.

8.Russia intervened in the Ukrainian information space decades before the occupation of Crimea and Donbas. And only then did we understand the meaning of the term “information war”. These events provoked the growth of information consciousness of the average Ukrainian. Now, even at the household level, we use the word “fake”. 10 years ago, there was no such word in Ukrainian slang. But it is not enough for communication specialists to understand only the concept of “information war”. You need to have a good understanding and knowledge of the term “information operations” 25D0% 25B9% 25D1% 2581% 25D1% 258C% 25D0% 25BA% 25D0% 25B0_% 25D0% 25BC% 25D0% 25BE% 25D0% 25B2% 25D0% 25B0 “> English Information Operations & # 8211; Info Ops).

9.The communication and media market needs economic approaches. When opening the media, apply the economic principle. Develop a detailed business plan. Make a debit with a credit, look for ways to monetize. In our time it is real. Ukrainian media managers spoil this model by “sitting” at the expense of media owners. It is always more pleasant and easier to receive grants than to teach the media to make money.

10.We must always remember that the field of PR should be first and foremost a field of common sense and management.

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