LinkedIn – non-obvious business opportunities

LinkedIn is becoming more and more popular in Ukraine. As of September 2022, more than 4 million users have been registered in Ukraine. It is usually used as a professional platform for B2B communications and establishing business contacts. LinkedIn helps to maintain a company’s image, find customers and partners, or share expert content.

A well-filled company’s profile and its regular content increase the chances of finding an international partner or client. Therefore, the company’s LinkedIn page should be considered with the same attention as any other communication channel: carefully plan the content, regularly publish messages, and promote the page.

However, there is also a seemingly invisible tool for LinkedIn that can be useful for business. This is the monitoring of the social network in accordance with the company’s requests. For example, tracking competitors’ activity, searching for market trends/research, key speakers, and industry experts.

Based on the information from LinkedIn, you can track the information tactics of competitors in the market, find research relevant to your company, as well as the views of international or national experts on market topics.

With LinkedIn monitoring, companies can receive timely information about their target audience, products, and services that are popular in the market. Brands can use the conclusions from the monitoring to shape their marketing and communication strategy.

With a well-developed technical task, the company can find valuable information for the development of its business or project. At Perfect PR, we will be happy to help you identify the main search queries for your business, conduct monitoring, analytics, and provide recommendations on where and how your company can move forward.

Author: Anna Stukalska.

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