The communications managers must understand what they are working with

Bohdana Droniuk, a specialist at the Perfect PR agency, shared her experience and advice on the peculiarities of a PR specialist’s work with a new industry or product.

When I began my work at the agency, my first project was an orthodontic startup specializing in the production and treatment of invisible aligners. Shortly at that time, I knew almost nothing about orthodontics.

However, it was an unrealistically excellent case that immediately taught an essential rule. A communication specialist must understand what he is working with. And I mean having high expertise, starting with the company’s history and ending with understanding the field of activity, competitors, and the minor details.

After I learned the entire lexicon of the orthodontic field, a new client appeared in the agency. It was a company that works in the semiconductor industry and has an equally complex terminology. Therefore, here are some tips that will help you better understand your customer:

Don’t be afraid of difficult words.

In the beginning, the word “aligners” caused anxiety. But the more research you do, the easier it becomes. It is crucial to understand the meaning of the terminology used by the client. Prepare a document with new terms, definitions and expressions. You will have everything in one place, and you will tell your colleagues and friends a lot of new things

Research the company’s field of activity

A communicator needs to know what the company does and what happens in the market where it operates. Research trends, features, crises, or pain areas. This will help not only to understand the product or service better but also to be creative. For example, in orthodontics, we needed to communicate something more interesting than just treatment. We shared valuable tips for daily care, told what food can be harmful, and after the start of the war, we shared how the startup adapted to work in new realities.

Learn new things because this is about self-development

Communication managers are lucky because, thanks to their work, they learn many new things. When you work with clients from different spheres, you expand your worldview. There are many advantages to this. You have a better understanding of the target audience, see new communication tools, and adapt different practices for different clients, and this is an extraordinary push for your development.

So don’t be afraid to try new things and go into challenging areas that are very interesting. When you ultimately immerse yourself in the client’s life and start speaking the same language, the work will only bring pleasure.

Bohdana Droniuk

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