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Communication analysis of the Opposition Platform- For Life statement regarding the war in Ukraine

During the last week, the media paid much attention to the Opposition Platform – For Life party. In particular, because of the ban on its activities as one of the pro-Russian parties and the detention by the Security Service of Ukraine of one of its co-founders, Viktor Medvedchuk.

From the beginning of its creation, the OPZZh party took a pro-Russian vector. Therefore, its communication was often reduced to criticism of the current government, the Euro-Atlantic course of Ukraine, and the need to return to the arms of the “brotherly people”. That is why it was crucial to hear their official position on the war in Ukraine on February 24. According to representatives of the Ukrainian Movement “Chesno”, they repeatedly appealed to the political party to comment on the situation.

Soon after, OPZZh published the position on their official website. And we will analyze it.

They begin with the eloquent headline “When the trouble is the same for all”, appealing to the fact that, despite its pro-Russian nature, the party nevertheless shares the “trouble” of Ukrainians.

However, in the address regarding the attack, the Russians unceremoniously appeal to unity, appealing to the feelings of Ukrainians regarding the “Great Patriotic War”, these same Russian soldiers fought with Ukrainians “side by side” in the war with the fascists. Such a message is not surprising but somewhat resembles the methods of Moscow propagandists, who never tire of appealing to the “great victory of a great country” and “a united people.”

It seems strange that there is no direct mention of Ukraine or Ukrainians in the text. In the appeal, the OPZZh uses de-Ukrainized words, such as “person”, “citizen”, “people”, “our territory”, avoiding belonging to a separate nation.

The rest of the text resembles a set of phrases with eloquent epithets, which generally does not have a significant semantic load for a party that until recently had the second largest faction in the Ukrainian Parliament. It is an example of how neither official representatives of political forces nor politicians should communicate. As a PR agency, we understand the importance of communication today and call on politicians, public figures, parties, and embassies to communicate openly, not to take a wait-and-see or vague position. Because in today’s conditions, it frankly looks mean.

When communicating, call a spade a spade:

  • A war is a war.
  • An invasion is an invasion.
  • Russian soldiers are russian soldiers.

It is especially important if you communicate on an international level. After all, such words as “Rashists” or “Orcs” may be incomprehensible or unacceptable to foreigners.

Communication and your message in the public information space play a significant role. Have an understanding of this. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have, how many residents in your city or community, or how many supporters your political force has. We encourage you to express yourself openly, courageously, and honestly because Ukraine is a country of brave and free people and communications. There will be no room for others here.

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