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It's never too late to start using Twitter, Perfect PR will be happy to help - PerfectPR

It’s never too late to start using Twitter, Perfect PR will be happy to help

Until 2021, Twitter had been the most niche social media platform with the lowest number of active users (compared to Facebook, Instagram, or Tik-Tok). However, after the full-scale invasion, the number of registered accounts from Ukraine on Twitter has significantly increased.

Is it too late for brands or public figures to join Twitter?

No, it’s not. The Twitter family of brands welcomes newcomers. Communication between companies on Twitter is not competitive, but rather friendly. On the social network, brand accounts can sing carols, show off their Halloween outfits, wish each other happy birthdays, or make jokes. It’s safe to say that everyone will be accepted here.

How to work with a brand’s Twitter account

Situational marketing is the most effective for a brand on Twitter. You can get fantastic percentage results from them. +100500 profile visits is not even a joke. However, Twitter is a social network where it is important to make a joke not only successfully, but also on time. Even the hour of publication plays a role here.

The most valuable thing about Ukrainian Twitter (#укртві) is ordinary users. Many of them are acquainted with your brand or company in real life. And they discuss and mention you on social media. It is important to work with these mentions and benefit from them.

Creating quality interactions between a brand and a user is the best part of working on Twitter. It’s great to give people emotions, not through a brand’s product or service, but through quality communication on social media. With the right approach, it will also yield results offline. For example, people are more likely to pay attention to and even buy a contingent Mayonnaise X if they comment on your Twitter account and post cool content.

Our team who is working with Twitter has a lot of lifehacks and well-established mechanisms for successful management of a brand’s account in Ukrainian Twitter (#укртві). As a result, our clients receive media mentions, new followers, mini-collaborations, and more attention and love from users.

Perfect PR agency’s Twitter management service includes:

  • full account management: tweets with elaborated ideas, quick response to mentions, retweets, quoted retweets, replies – everything for effective interaction between the brand and the user;
  • creation and modification of a rubric, that is included in the monthly content plan;
  • analyzing the activities of competitors in the niche, market leaders and newcomers;
  • monitoring of brand mentions, which allows you to respond quickly to different cases and situations;
  • monthly content plan development, the topics will cover information events that can be prepared for (such as different situations, jokes, or holiday visuals);
  • creation of visuals for the account by a designer;
  • development and implementation of an individual user experience policy.

We will help any brand to join the Twitter community successfully and easily. We will help you to get involved in the situation in time, make ironic fun of yourself, or joke with users. We can safely say that our Twitter team knows, loves, knows how, and practices it.

Author: Taras Humeniuk

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