How communicators can bring our victory closer: 6 tips

Our agency’s specialist Mariia Kitsula shared with MMR how communicators can bring Ukraine’s victory closer. The outbreak of a full-scale war in Ukraine was the impetus for creating a “communication army” that has been working non-stop since the beginning of the invasion until now. We are well aware that russia, in addition to shelling Ukrainian cities, is waging a powerful information war. And it is the communicators who are fighting on this front to bring our victory closer.

The «communication army» has an important mission to tell the world community about russian aggression. The main thing today is not to stop, but to work in a coordinated manner for the peaceful future of Ukraine.

A few points that will be useful to those who wage the information war:

  1. Disseminate strong, targeted messages that will resonate.

For example: «give us weapons», «russia is a terrorist», «russia is destroying the Ukrainian people», «russia is killing children», etc. These messages should be disseminated in foreign languages and by all possible means to different audiences.

  1. Hit the same spot.

Work in concert with the president, government officials, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine and reinforce their messages. Information in times of war lives «one minute», so it is important to monitor the latest data from the government and pick up on important and trending news.

  1. Continuously monitor and expose russian propaganda.

Since the first days of the full-scale invasion, russia has been spreading false facts not only among its citizens, but also in the international media and among foreign opinion leaders. The most common messages are about «fraternal nations», «special operation», «Nazi seizure of power», «Ukrainians and russians need to make peace», etc. We, Ukrainians, are well aware that russia is a terrorist country that has invaded Ukraine and is killing our people.  The world should also understand this and hear about it every day. Tell the truth!

  1. Only verified information.

Disseminate information from official sources through all possible channels and translate it into different languages. Bringing the truth to the world is a contribution that will definitely work for our victory.

  1. Be a supportive person.

In times of war, it is important not to talk only about the negative, but also to talk about our victories. On the one hand, we support each other and strengthen the morale of Ukrainians, and on the other hand, nothing depresses the enemy more than the knowledge of our victories. It is worth every time to thank the Armed Forces of Ukraine, volunteers, medics, rescuers, other countries, and each other for the help, we should write about fundraising, the purchase of new weapons and equipment, rescued people, even newborn babies – everything that gives us an understanding of the close victory. Also, don’t forget about humor. A good meme says more than hundreds of words.

  1. Don’t forget/remember your customers.

A very important point is customer support during the war. Many companies at the beginning of the war did not know how to communicate with their target audience. In addition to the main area of work, a communicator becomes a kind of psychologist who helps businesses interact properly. Also, they are additional platforms for spreading information about the russian invasion. Business can help implement all of the above.  Ukrainians are strong when they are united! Coordinated work on all fronts will give us the desired victory.

Author: Mariia Kitsula

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