How can Ukrainian brands use Twitter effectively?

Taras Humeniuk and Bohdana Droniuk, specialists of Perfect PR agency, shared the main tips and tricks of Twitter for brands, especially for MMR.

After the full-scale invasion of russia, Twitter became a platform where Ukrainians began to spread information about the events taking place and try to convey them to the Western audience.

At the same time, not only users, but also Ukrainian brands began to actively join the social network. Twitter news stories began to go beyond the social network and break into the information bubble, even for people unfamiliar with #ukraine. For example, the newsjacking about Swallow’s Nest or Shchekavitsa went far beyond Twitter and became popular among Ukrainians.

It’s worth remembering that competent brand profile management can generate organic media mentions, increase loyalty, and bring users closer to you.

With the rapid growth of Twitter’s popularity in Ukraine, brands should think about taking care of their presence on this social network. If you don’t know where to start or how to go about it, Perfect PR shares some useful tips on how to do this.

Be unique

“Why not just copy posts from Instagram to Twitter?” you may ask. But it doesn’t work that way. The cross-posting approach doesn’t work in #укртві. It’s not that it works well in the Facebook-Instagram nexus, but copying posts from the Meta ecosystem to Twitter is extremely rude and unethical to the tweeting community. The main difference between Twitter and other social networks is the high level of cohesion. In other words, there is a strong sense of community here. And people can see when communicators are freeloading.

As in any business, attention is important. And it should be directed not only to the material you publish but also to the Twitter community. Therefore, we advise you not to copy but to create unique content specifically for the tweeting community. Diligently and without imposing.

Be ironic

Sarcasm, black humor, post-irony, meta-irony, self-irony, irony, memes – all of these are necessary to tweet for a brand properly. And yes, the person handling this social network should have a good sense of humor. You need to feel where and how to joke about yourself, in what context it will be appropriate, how unobtrusive and non-promotional it is. It requires constant involvement in analyzing and evaluating the activities of the information field. If you miss just one day, you may no longer understand why everyone is writing about pigs’ heads or why Zhytomyr does not exist.

Be situational

A content plan on Twitter works differently than we used to.. Classic monthly media plans with approvals, design/text/relevance changes won’t give the same result as a single, situational tweet. And if a user scrolls through the feed and sees a post that resonates with what they are feeling at that moment and in that context, you will get a quality interaction. It can be like, a reply, a retweet, or a quoted retweet. However, behind it, all is the user’s commitment to your brand and a little love.

Be regular

This thesis unites Twitter with other social networks. As with any social network, both people and algorithms require regularity. This regularity allows a brand to stick in people’s minds and gain more organic coverage. It’s all thanks to the commitment of the algorithms that shape our feeds.

However, the primary condition for the success of brand communication on Twitter in Ukraine is to win the hearts of the community in #укртві. For brands, this is an opportunity to be close to people: to talk to them, joke with them, and support them. And people value closeness with a brand, relationship, and communication based on trust. It is the fundamental importance of a Twitter presence.

To build it, you can safely use the rules mentioned above. Consciously or not, Ukrainian companies’ most popular Twitter accounts are already using them. You need to closely monitor what is happening in the news feed and try to react quickly. We advise you to understand Twitter humor with its superlatives. Remember to laugh at yourself, it’s crucial. Of course, these are not all the components that will influence success. The human factor, the element of timeliness, and brand popularity also significantly impact the indicators’ growth rate. The gradual development of your Twitter account and regular posting will help you get a pleasant result for your company – the audience’s favor and attention.

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