employer brand?

An employer brand is a company’s corporate culture and values, working conditions, how your employees, former and even potential preferred employees value the company. The reputation and efficiency of the entire company depends on loyalty and trust in the employer. A well-built employer brand attracts competitive specialists with higher education; keeps valuable employees within the company and strengthens internal recruiting.

Why do you need...

A strong employer brand encourages employees to become ambassadors of the company themselves, who are ready to support it in crisis situations. Otherwise, your image will be formed spontaneously: from the impressions of former and current employees, feedback from partners or with the “help” of competitors. That is why it is always better to form an impression about the company that is beneficial to you.


Today, the employer brand is one of the trends and markers of the company’s success, which is considered not only by potential employees, but also by clients, investors, and partners.

The qualitative formation of the employer brand includes:


Deep analysis and work with different target audiences — both with the team and with external audiences.


Development of a strategy to build a strong employer brand and strengthen unique qualities and strengths that will distinguish the company from competitors.


Systematic formation of the company's image and management of its reputation.

What we offer:


We define and research groups of the company's target audiences.


We conduct an audit of the current reputation of the employer brand


We determine the coincidence of the values of the business and employees, we determine the expectations of the company's team.


We study trends and expectations in the industry on the labor market.


We form internal and external strategies for building the employer brand, which include the development of positioning and messages for different target audience groups, activities and communication channels, expected KPIs


We are gradually implementing the developed strategies.


We conduct system sections and analytics, evaluate the results, how effective the chosen employer brand building strategy is and whether it needs to be adjusted.

How we do it

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