5 graphic design trends in 2023

Тренди дизайну

1. AI Design

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) will significantly impact the creative sphere in 2023. One example is additional AI tools in Photoshop. They automate most simple tasks, which greatly simplifies workflows. AI is also becoming a powerful tool for the creative process. It allows designers to create projects that would be impossible to create manually. And this technology is constantly improving.

There will be an increase in the number of designs that incorporate elements created or augmented by artificial intelligence in 2023. This may result from generative design tools that automatically make new designs based on given parameters and samples. AI can also be used to optimize and improve existing designs by adapting them to user requirements and requests or by automatically optimizing design parameters.

2. Expressive typography and custom fonts

Hand-crafted lettering and customized fonts are becoming increasingly popular among big brands. They add a sense of uniqueness and a “human touch” effect. 

Especially in 2023, software for creating custom fonts, such as Glyphs, is becoming more and more accessible. This leads to the emergence of many custom fonts that break all the rules and regulations of typography. We are seeing an increase in expressive shapes and combinations in fonts that create a unique aesthetic.

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3. Modern nostalgia

The design platform Dribbble defines “modern nostalgia” as one of the main trends of 2023. 

This term reflects the combination of the past and present to create something new and unique. This trend is characterized by using vintage elements such as typography, images, and patterns but with a modern twist. Designers are using retro styling with a nostalgic feel, adding modern accents. The result is a design that looks familiar but has a fresh and modern feel. Designers experiment with different eras and styles, combining elements from different decades, from the 70s to the 2000s. It creates a unique harmony between past and present in the design, captivating viewers with its aesthetics and emotional connection.

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4. Maximalism

This style is associated with rejecting the general rules of graphic design that emphasize simplicity. While traditional design says: “less is more,” maximalism believes “more is better.” This style attracts attention through bold color combinations, layered images, massive typography, and repeated motifs. It creates an impression of excess and fills the design with a unique energy.

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5. Animated logos

Logo animation is no longer a novelty in the design market, but in 2023, it is more of a must-have than an additional “feature.” The trend towards logo animation is significant because it creates an impression of a company as more innovative and unique. It can also be a way to tell the audience a story “about yourself” in seconds. The iconic Meta logo is an example of animation where the company created a new symbol as a constant cycle that changes and takes on different meanings depending on the viewer’s point of view. 

In general, in the whole whirlwind of trends, it is essential to remember that graphic design is a way of communication. Therefore, we should not forget the unchanging qualities of good touches, such as respect for a person, honesty, ethics, and clarity. These components are necessary for the most trendy design to retain its meaning. My trend in recent years in visual communication is to “care” about the user who interacts with the design. It is based on the principles of inclusive design, which is universal and accessible to anyone. For example, the selection of color contrasts that will be convenient for visually impaired people and those with good eyesight. However, this is a separate topic for a deeper conversation. So, follow the trends, and remember to stay human! It is always in fashion! 

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Author: Anastasiia Berezhetska

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