+1 victory for Perfect PR at the X-RAY Marketing Awards from MMR

The Carpathian Calendar for the Galychyna dairy company, which our agency developed together with Divoche.media, won the “Brand Integration in Media” nomination from Marketing Media Review.

«When my colleagues and I were developing the concept for this project, we wanted to show that everyone can discover our Carpathians in their own way, that for everyone it is a place of strength, overload and relaxation after the fast pace of life in big cities. Over the past six months, this incredible region has become an even more hospitable, cozy, and safe place for people from all over Ukraine, and we have redefined its value. We are grateful to the brands that support and launch value-based projects that bring benefits and inspiration to their audience», says Revide Ziyatdinova, project PR-manager.

We are happy that our agency has won and will continue to work. The full list of winners and nominations can be found here.

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