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Reputation management

A key element of the success of any company or public figure is a good reputation, i.e. a well-established public opinion about you or your company.

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Strategic сommunication

Strategic communications is a set of tools that ensures the most effective communication.

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PR Consulting

PR consulting is a reliable tool in the world of communications and reputation management.

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A little about us

11 years on the market

We offer communication solutions in the private, public and public sectors

15 specialists

Our team is specialists in the field of public communications who work with Ukrainian and international projects

2 offices in Ukraine

We combine experience and an innovative approach, traditions and openness to experiments during project implementation

Reputation is a priority

We adhere to high professional and ethical standards, develop the PR industry of Ukraine

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Projects from Perfect PR agency

Mom, i see war - Mom, I see war

The Perfect PR agency has been working on this project for over five months. During this time, we managed to collect more than 14,000 children's drawings created by children experiencing the war in Ukraine and the Russian occupation.

Mileage of up to 100,000 bulletproof vests

Each participant of the "Race to 100,000 Body Armor" will receive a unique medal made of armored steel. This is the material from which body armor is made for our military. 100% of contributions from registration for the run will be directed specifically to the manufacture of armor.

Educational channel with tips in Telegram

We are a team of PR specialists, and our initiative is to share knowledge with colleagues and everyone who is interested in the world of communications.

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