Nobody is insured against information crises, especially a very successful business. Negativeness and manipulation affects the emotions of the audience and spreads rapidly in the information space. Protect your reputation, because being prepared for crisis communications is always better than acting at random.

We deeply analyze and study the potential crisis aspects of business, model the possible development of the crisis and ways to avoid or minimize it. After all, anti-crisis communications are to detect and neutralize in time.

How are we anticipating the crisis?

  • identify potential information threats to a particular business or public figure;
  • analyze and design the development of possible crises situations;
  • develop and implement a step-by-step action program to anticipate information threats;
  • help the first persons of the company to prepare for response to potential crisis situations;
  • conduct stress training for staff and communication departments of companies in case of a possible crisis.

How do we neutralize a crisis that has already occurred?

  • promptly analyze and assess the degree of crisis situation and its consequences for business or public figures;
  • conduct operational media monitoring and determine the speed and extent of spread of negative information;
  • plan a step-by-step strategy for overcoming the crisis in accordance with the received information;
  • develop a preventive program to anticipate potential crises;
  • work 24/7;
  • find the most effective tools and communication channels to influence the audience and neutralize the information crisis;
  • neutralize the information crisis and emphasize the strengths of the company or public figure;
  • analyze and project potential threats to business or the public in the future.