Your reputation is your most valuable asset and your biggest competitive advantage. It is formed by information about you in public space. We develop individual strategies for each project and business, implement a set of solutions to assess and anticipate information risks and build and successfully manage reputation.

A successful reputation begins with analyzing how your messages resonate with your audience and developing the right communication to meet your strategic goals.

Working with our team, you will receive:


  • We will analyze your position in the market, the information presence of competitors and the scope of your business.
  • Develop communication goals and objectives that meet strategic goals.
  • Identify the target audience groups you need to engage in your business.
  • We will develop reputational messages with which you will go out into the public space.
  • Identify the channels and tools of promotion that are most effective for reaching target audiences.
  • Develop and implement a communication plan and forecast results.


We will conduct an in-depth study of weaknesses and strengths in the public space, find out what employees, shareholders think about you and how partners, the state and the media react.

Your adherence to the instructions based on the results of the PR-audit will help to build a good reputation at all levels of communication and neutralize potential crises in advance.

The process and results of PR-audit – are completely confidential, it includes the stages:

  • briefing, gathering information and developing the structure of PR-audit. We first brief the company responsible for the research, then gather all relevant information and, depending on the purpose and objectives, develop the structure.
  • conducting research. This is the stage of sociological research, media monitoring, analysis of social media.
  • analysis of the obtained results. At this stage, we process all the results, get insights.
  • report preparation. On the basis of the received results we form the report and prepare recommendations for your further work.

Tactical implementation of public projects

Reaching the modern consumer today is difficult, but possible. A company or organization needs to integrate more creative and non-standard approaches, solutions and tools into its communication. Traditional advertising and distribution of press releases is not enough.

We analyze your strategic and tactical goals and create and implement native special projects in the rating media, develop and implement creative events (for example, press breakfasts with the presentation of new products or services), digital campaigns, implement social projects to support brands and more.

Political, personal PR

The presence of business leaders, organizations or politicians in the information space, information campaigns increases the trust of the audience. We will provide political consulting to build a reputation, communicate with society, develop and deliver the necessary messages.


We build and establish relationships with state authorities, in particular with regional and local ones, represent the interests of the customer at the state level, maintain communication with the media 24/7.

CSR projects

Corporate social responsibility is not a boasting, but a role model. We develop and implement a strategy for environmental business transformation, projects that shape or change public opinion.

Internal PR

External communications are formed by internal communications, because it is your team in the first place who are the carriers of the brand and who create a reputation outside the office. We determine the communication needs of staff and develop a set of activities that motivate the team to work effectively and strengthen the positive image of the company as an employer.