Increasing the role of news on Twitter and Facebook

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Increasing the role of news on Twitter and Facebook

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The Pew Research Center has analyzed the information needs of the modern American audience. The study authors found that 63% of social network users view Twitter and Facebook as a source of news. Previously, this figure was lower. In 2013, 52% and 47% of users, respectively.

Another component of the Pew Research Center is to identify differences in the news power of different social platforms. Twitter, compared to Facebook, twice as many users (59% and 31%) signed for news updates. Researchers state that Twitter has great potential when illuminating hot events in real-time.

Social platforms focus on certain types of news. Twitter and Facebook are developing news resources that are more efficient in attracting new ones and keeping an old audience efficiently. Facebook has completed the Instant Articles project, which provides for publications of stories on the social network (readers are not redirected by no other sites). Twitter plans to present the Project Lightning news platform soon. All users registered or unregistered on Twitter will be able to view the news tape with text and visual content.