Call: “PR by clean hands!” signed by 24 industry experts

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Call: "PR by clean hands!" signed by 24 industry experts

Monday, 02 December 2013

The appeal of Ukrainian public relations specialists to colleagues not to take part in actions that split the country, destroy democratic principles, and violate fundamental human rights is currently signed:

Andriy Rotovsky, Denis Bogush, Olena Derevyanko, Oleg Medvedev, Anna Syuch, Serhiy Bondarenko, Svitlana Berezina, Svitlana Singatulina, Yevhen Kutsenko, Natalia Ulynets, Tetiana Mokridi, Ruslan Bortnik, Otali Turialou, Olena Ermolaeva, Olena Ermolaeva , Olena Selyutina, Oksana Vyhovska, Natalia Russu, Viktor Dniprov, Dmytro Konyk, Mykola Ilchuk

If, for technical reasons, the will of one of the specialists is not recorded, please enter your name yourself and send a letter to us! I ask everyone who sympathizes with the ideas expressed in the letter to spread it by all means. We remind you that all experts in the field who consider it their duty to determine their position are invited to take the initiative. Read, distribute, and sign!


Open letter to all Ukrainian PR specialists 

Dear colleagues!

We are witnessing the worst-case scenario of Ukraine’s development, which aims to destroy freedom, democracy, and national strife and artificially split the country. The co-authors of this scenario are not only politicians but also those specialists in the field of communication who are somehow involved in the development, launch, and catalysis of destructive processes.

Disinformation and fake attacks, cyberterrorism against the media, politicians, mass events, local wars against peaceful demonstrators: behind the backs of those who played these cards, unfortunately, are people who call themselves “PR specialists,” “political technologists.” PR has nothing to do with the tools of the war against all imposed on Ukraine.

PR in democracies is a tool for building trust and dialogue. That is why we call on public relations professionals to realize their responsibility for their actions against the people. In the time of information transparency, nothing can be hidden, and the names of those who were involved in the information killer mechanisms of repression against their people will soon be made public. This could lead to a public relations crisis. Therefore, it is everyone’s responsibility for the profession for its future.

We offer to support this appeal to all specialists in public relations in Ukraine. Let it be a warning to those who have not yet taken fatal steps and have not bound themselves with the bloodshed on the Maidan or other similar provocations, regardless of who is the initiator. We must look honestly in the eyes of family and friends and have a clear conscience.

Do not fulfill orders that violate the principles of the Code of Ethics of the Public Relations Specialist of Ukraine!

We invite all industry experts who share the views expressed in the letter to add their signature and disseminate it by all available means, primarily on Facebook and media.

Please send a version of the letter with your signature to to create a nationwide support list.