За результатами дослідження активність користувачів Facebook у 2016-му році скоротилася

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According to the study, the activity of Facebook users in 2016 decreased

Monday, 20 February 2017

Mavrck’s marketing platform conducted research on current trends on Facebook, during which experts analyzed 25 million posts written by users (with 500 to 5,000 friends on social networks). According to this study, in 2016, the activity of users on social networks decreased.

Compared to last year, people showed less effort to interact and published much less. The number of preferences decreased by 7.87%. Comments on posts became 37.47% less, and distributions – 27.8% less.

In addition, users began posting 29.49% less original content. Mavrck analysts explain: “Although 2016 showed worse results compared to 2015, at the end of the reporting period there was a rise in engagement by 26.06%. It is possible that in 2017 we will see higher activity from users. “