Yandex is against traffics in Lviv

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Yandex is against traffics in Lviv

Monday, 31 March 2014

Already this week, April 3, a meeting with the Yandex.Zators team will be held in Lviv. Creative experts will tell Lviv people how to keep time, mood, and car on the road. In addition, the team will present its own unique study, “Automobile Traffic Transports in Lviv. 2013-2014».

The discussion will be taken by the CEO of Yandex.Ukraine, Sergey Petrenko (Odesa), expert Yandex.Zators in Ukraine Dmitry Melnyk and analyst Denis Tkalich (Kyiv). In addition, Igor Mohyla, a leading engineer of the department of organization and road traffic safety of LKP “Lvivavtodor” will be present at the event.

Also, at the meeting, you will find out:

– where the information comes from Yandex.Zators;
– how a load of roads of Lviv during the day and week changes;
– how Lviv’s congestion is different from the Kiev;
– how long Lviv drivers lose in traffic jams;
– which sections of the city are the most aerial;
– at what speed in the morning, day, and evening motorists move on the main streets of the city;
– what Yandex.Zators can be helpful in Lviv;
– What prompt traffic information in the city service can provide journalists and more.

Event schedule: 10:00-10:30 — accreditation; 10:30-11:10 — meeting with Yandex.Zators team, presentation of research, questions and answers; 11:10-12 00 — buffet and informal communication.

You need to accredit a press conference in advance – until 15:00 on April 2 by e-mail at, or by phone 063 578-88-02 (Alice), 093 332-34-21 (Vasyl), 050 656-91-95 (Natalia).