Yandex will show Ukrainians Crimea as Ukrainian territory, and Russians – as Russian

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Yandex will show Ukrainians Crimea as Ukrainian territory, and Russians - as Russian

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

After the annexation of Crimea, which was condemned by almost all countries except Syria, North Korea, and Uganda, Yandex was in a difficult situation. After all, the company needs to somehow show it on its service in the way to not to receive problems either in the territory of Ukraine or in Russia.

The company found a way out. For Ukrainians, Crimea will look like Ukrainian territory, and for users of Russia like Russian.

“In the future, Yandex.Map will be different for different countries – that is, Crimea will be reflected there following the official position of each country. The changes will affect all Yandex services for which it is relevant,” Yandex reports.

Users have ambiguously accepted this approach of the Russian company to display territories:

It is interesting that Yandex, showing the Ukrainian map for Ukrainians, has not been concerned for some reason that Ukraine has never recognized the separation from this country Abkhazia and South Ossetia, carried out, as in the Crimea, by the Russian military.

Ukraine, like the whole world (except 2-3 satellites of Russia) recognizes Abkhazia as part of Georgia in the status of the Autonomous Republic. But Yandex is a little worried, and for Ukrainians, he shows Georgia without these two autonomous republics:

It is worth noting that changes will affect cards and display news: changes will appear on Yandex’s homepage, search, and information soon. For example, Crimea news will become part of the Russian news issue, and the media of Crimea in the Russian case will cease to be reflected by foreign. However, there will be no change in the Ukrainian news issue. Our users from Crimea will see Russian Yandex if they go on, and Ukrainian – if on In addition, they always have the right to choose – they can switch the domain and choose a particular picture of the world.