Як розповісти про наукову конференцію голосно?

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Friday, 18 May 2018

On May 16, the Shevchenko National University hosted the International Conference “Artificial Famine in Ukraine of the Twentieth Century”, where  Perfect PR appeared as its media partner. Scientists and researchers attended the event. The guests were government officials and Presidents of Ukraine – Leonid Kravchuk and Viktor Yushchenko.

The conference unveiled several Soviet-era secret documents on the causes, circumstances, and consequences of the genocide. “The topic of the Holodomor has been silenced for a long time, definitions have been changed, documents have been falsified, the perpetrators have not been named out loud, and the death toll has been reduced. Finally, the causes and consequences of the Holodomor have begun to be objectively investigated, and, of course, the results of these studies should be heard loudly, “said Natalia Ulynets, CEO of Perfect PR.

According to Natalia, the information support for such an important event for Ukraine was a vital task for our agency. “We understood that we had to make sure that the widest possible circle of Ukrainians, the world community, learned about the scientific conference – the results of its work,” said Natalia Ulynets.

Media support at all levels, communication with journalists of leading media, search for information partners, development of a content strategy for social media in preparation for the conference, and preparation of press materials. The agency’s specialists carried out this set of activities for the maximum number of Ukrainians to learn about the scientific discussion and its results.

“One of the tasks set for the conference was to involve the maximum number of participants in the event via live broadcast. These videos received a huge coverage – about 20 000 people. Just imagine – today 20 000 people can participate in the conference if the possibility of offline participation was limited to 200 people. In parallel, the conference was broadcast by the information partners of the event “Channel 5” and Divis.Info. Immediately after the conference, we have more than 30 publications, and the materials continue to rotate, “said Yevhenia Slobodyanyuk, a specialist at Perfect PR.

In total, more than 200 participants took part in the conference. About 80 scientific papers have been submitted and reviewed. Leading scientists and researchers of Ukraine, representatives of the authorities and human rights NGOs made reports. The conference resulted in the issuance of 4 grants to continue research. About 30 media representatives attended the event.