Ukrainian IT businessmen launched the Coordination Center for State Assistance to the State

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Ukrainian IT businessmen launched the Coordination Center for State Assistance to the State

Wednesday, 09 April 2014

Famous Ukrainian IT businessmen launched a Warroom.Today website will coordinate activists in the information war with Russia and help the government introduce new technologies to state structures. About it, writes

The project also has a full name – the Coordination Center of Effective Technologies at the Service of Ukraine. Its creation was initiated by famous information technologies – the head of the Internet Association of Ukraine Tatiana Popova, KM Core founder Yevgeny Utkin and President of Everest Yuriy Chubatyuk.

The project manager is Ellina Shnurko-Tabakova. According to her, the primary purpose of the project is to unite all initiative groups and volunteers who help Ukraine in confrontation with Russia and the introduction of new technologies.

The newly created coordination center will deal with the following main questions:

  1. Assistance in the country’s defense capability. Volunteers and heads of the Center cooperate directly with the SBU, the General Staff, and other law enforcement agencies. They assist public authorities with expert opinions, delivery, and equipment setup.
  2. Department of counter-propaganda. A particular group of volunteers explores the methods of Russia’s cyberwar against Ukraine, monitors the situation in Crimea, and informs other regions about what is actually happening on the peninsula. Military psychologists and participants in peacekeeping operations are involved in the department.
  3. Reforming business and state relations. IT businessmen are negotiating with officials to introduce new technologies, such as public control over public procurement, management of the customs system, and combating conversion centers.

In addition, the site can offer your support. According to Helina Schriko-Tabakov, the project has announced its assistance to several dozen IT companies.