Ukrainian Wikipedia announces the day of creation of new articles “Wikiflesmob”

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Ukrainian Wikipedia announces the day of creation of new articles "Wikiflesmob"

Thursday, 24 April 2014

On April 27, 2014, the Day of creating new articles in the Ukrainian -language section of the free encyclopedia “Wikipedia” was declared. This was reported by the press service of NGO “Wikimedia Ukraine.”

The action is dedicated to the memory of Wikipedia Igor Kostenko, who died on February 20 on the Maidan in Kyiv. In 2013, he was one of those who suggested that Vikiflesmob planned to participate in his organization.

 “If at least every tenth Wikipedia reader in Ukraine has written one useful article, we would have over a million useful articles, since the monthly audience of the site in Ukraine is more than 11 million people,” – said Wikimedia Ukraine.

The article creation action aims to promote Wikipedia posting and help the Ukrainian punctuation encyclopedias reach 500,000 articles.

All active participants will be able to receive small memorial souvenirs from the organizers: either by mail or when they come to “Vikzi” in Kyiv, Lviv, or Dnipropetrovsk. In such meetings, those will also be able to communicate with experienced Wikipedists, ask about Wikipedia functioning and simply prescribe articles together.

For the convenience of Wikiflesmob participants, who have not previously written to Wikipedia, a particular page explains the encyclopedia’s key foundations. It makes it easy to create an article through the Master of Writing Articles.

The page also shows how to find the topic of a new article when you do not know what you can write about. For this purpose, Wikipedia contains unique lists of “red links”, that is, articles still lacking in the encyclopedia. To participate in the action, it is also unnecessary to write an article on April 27: it can be harvested during a week on your computer, and on April 27 – only published on Wikipedia.

Wikimedia Ukraine recalls that Wikipedia is developing thanks to volunteers who spend their time writing and editing articles, Wikipedias copyright photos and media files, and more. Over the 10 years of Ukrainian -language Wikipedia, the site has become the giant encyclopedia in Ukrainian and is developing dynamically. The leadership of the leading universities of Ukraine advised writing articles for Wikipedia instead of abstracts.

Additional information can be addressed to Andrei Makukha, Chairman of the Board of NGO “Wikimedia Ukraine”, coordinator of Vikiflesmob (, 0973679978), and Yuri Bulka, member of the Wikimedia Ukraine,, 0634898608).