SMM trends in 2018

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SMM trends in 2018

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

It is almost impossible to imagine a modern business without its platforms on social networks! And not only business. How we position ourselves and maintain our accounts also plays a huge role. It has become a practice of all specialists to look at the profiles of candidates on social networks before direct contact. In addition to the significant impact on everyday personal and business life, social networks have their algorithms, rules, and laws. How to deal with them and learn to navigate in this fleeting world of trends – we asked a specialist in the representation of companies/brands/public figures on social networks – Alexander Dub.

Alexander helped us compile a list of recommendations that will help to work with social networks in 2018.

  1. Using video

Using more videos is the primary trend of social networks this year.

The leading platforms where you need to upload videos are Facebook and Youtube. And since they are direct competitors in terms of video content, it is superfluous to post on Facebook with links to Youtube. The same goes for other networks where you can upload videos.

That is, wherever possible, upload videos directly to services.

Slightly forgotten by all, Vimeo has already announced the addition of tools to its functionality that will allow uploading videos to multiple sites and streaming them live simultaneously.

  1. Development of messengers

In the second place, I would just put the rapid development of messengers and, accordingly, chatbots. All this allows you to automate communication with customers, establish sales, and/or in the case of, for example, online media – share news (selected on a specific topic) in automatic mode.

However, not everything is so simple here. After a recent scandal involving Facebook over the leakage of personal data of network users, the latter suspended the integration of any chatbots, except those created based on the internal functionality of the network.

Of course, everyone agrees that the near future is for chatbots, and soon entire sales departments will be unnecessary. In some ways, they are right because I recently talked to the developers who are now implementing a project to create a chatbot that will trade on the exchange! However, I have always favored “live communication” so that real people answer the reader/client. Maybe not as fast as chatbots can, but quite competently. And even if the company being approached has many areas of activity, and the person who responds to inquiries is not competent in some of them. For example, Facebook has already developed and tested a tool that allows incoming messages to the brand page/companies to refer to an expert in this matter. And he will continue the dialogue.

  1. Telegram

In third place I have Telegram. Why?

Completely chronological location of publications. And these publications are placed within specific thematic channels. Convenient format for reading from phones and the presence of a desktop version (it is convenient to create content). Ability to use hundreds or even thousands of simple chatbots to create polls, and pull in the channel RSS feeds from sites. Transferring high-quality image and video files (for example, a similar transfer via Facebook carries a loss of quality). And the plus for me is the ability to create and download audio files (for example, while on the road, you are often much more comfortable listening to information than reading it or watching videos).

The only downside of this messenger (or social networks) for me – is that if you subscribe to many channels, you get a lot of notifications about adding new posts. And although it can be regulated, it becomes more and more over time.

Well, I would like to end the conversation about trends in 2018 with a story about Stories. Companies that use Instagram in their promotion strategy already have to develop a different development strategy for Instagram Stories. You need to be prepared for this, given how many other “lotions” they have added recently.

Which channels are best to use for business

Each site has its platform on social networks. That’s why you don’t need to register with everyone. It will be much more effective to focus your activity on the right channels for you!

Are you an online edition?

Post on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram. Yes, on Instagram. Would you say that there is fasting, and we do not sell anything? So what. Add photos and short videos from the life of your office / editorial office /, finally, home.

Are you a band/artist/musician?

Pour everything on Soundcloud, tell about your concerts on Facebook, and develop a channel on Youtube. What? I said earlier that the video should be uploaded to Facebook, and not take a link from Youtube ?! Yes, he said. But if you want to develop your channel on Youtube, you can “kill two birds with one stone”. Make a short teaser of the video – upload it to your Facebook page with a post that the full video can be viewed on the Youtube channel at this link. In this way, with the help of a video uploaded to Facebook, you will develop your page and at the same time encourage people to switch to the Youtube channel.

Are you a graphic designer or a photographer?

Put your materials, in addition to the already mentioned networks, on Pinterest.

Are you a public organization? You have presentations of different projects. Put them on Slideshare.

What is a commercial SMM?

Don’t try to sell right away, and don’t just try to sell. First, gain trust in your brand/company/product. Many studies have shown (and you know from personal experience) that sales from well-known companies are always higher and always kept at a reasonable level.

Share your knowledge with your readers. For example, one medical center has a separate section with articles written by doctors themselves. Thanks to their materials, people can get rid of fears about a disease, or learn how to solve their problems. People are wrong to say that social media is just about selling. In this case, I always answer that social networks are, above all, the reputation and support of the brand image.

Also, don’t forget to share your company’s life with your readers. For example, make a photo report from a conference or a holiday in your company. Such posts usually garner considerable preferences and have a large coverage. However, try to use your images in your posts without uploading photos from the Internet. First, it increases your visibility among others. And secondly – you can brand a picture by placing a logo on it. And it increases your uniqueness.

I call the following type of content: infographics instead of a thousand words. However, do not follow the standard path. For example, don’t put your company’s achievements here in year figures. Try adding something more interesting about your team.

I always divide all the content into image, thematic, event, seasonal, and entertaining. Here you can use the draws. But forget that a customer who buys goods for 10,000 hryvnias will receive a cap as a gift. It no longer works. Captivate your audience with unpredictable, original ideas.

What does SMM of political projects involve?

Political projects on social networks, it is often considered “seasonal work”. After all, for some reason, most parties pay little attention to social networks in the period between “elections” and become more active, at best, before the start of the election campaign. And it takes a long time to win the support of the voter. As for the nuances of promoting political projects on social networks, almost the entire staff, or at least the part of the team responsible for PR, should be involved. And every comment, every dot, and comma must be agreed upon and verified. As for the content, you should not duplicate information from billboards, postcards, etc. Be original here too. Is this a local election? Tell us about your knowledge of the history of the region, region, city, and village. Divide a long list of your promises into separate short posts with images or voice them in separate short videos with a creative location.

SMM social projects

As for social projects, the question always arises: is it worth sharing/bragging about? Worth it. But not in the style of praise, but in the form of reports. Of course, not long texts with a bunch of numbers. Make a video about it, make photo albums, and long text reports, if you really need to publish them, for example, in the form of infographics.