Top unusual PR-moves of candidates running at presidential elections

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Top unusual PR-moves of candidates running at presidential elections

Monday, 25 March 2019


Pre-election races in Ukraine are a creative process. Novice and experienced politicians are generating unusual and interesting PR campaigns, some examples of which will be remembered for a long time. This year is not a shutdown!

Given that the participation in the 2019 elections is a record number of candidates in the history of Ukraine, it is not surprising that some of them try to share, among other things, their native promises and make interesting PR moves.

A selection of such incidents of politicians is given below.


Do you want to become the President’s wife? Igor Shevchenko is looking for a beloved!

Presidential candidate Ihor Shevchenko posted two messages on his billboard and the official website, willing candidates to fill out a form, upload a photo, and participate in a kind of competition.

Igor Shevchenko also distinguished himself at the economic forum in Davos, taking five free hats instead of one, shooting a video of these “hat machinations”, and then launching a campaign at his headquarters, sending blue hats free of charge to anyone.

Ukrposhta, a Ukrainian delivery company, took advantage of the situation creatively and received many positive reviews.

Happy New Year from President Holoborodko

Volodymyr Zelensky announced his candidacy for the presidency, congratulating Ukrainians on the New Year on December 31, exactly at a time when congratulations from the President are traditionally broadcasted on national TV channels.

His election campaign, in general, is very different from traditional algorithms for campaigning in its digital direction:

  • Mega-active socials (Instagram, stories, hashtags )
  • Challenges for all preferences
  • Unique slogans on billboards
  • Targeting a young audience

Andriy Sadovy removes himself from the race in favor of Hrytsenko

A precedent appeared in Ukrainian politics and caused a wave of heated debate in society. Many people accepted Sadovy’s step positively, calling it a logical, correct, and firm decision.

Politicians have also signed an agreement specifying that Sadovy withdraws his candidacy from the presidential election and that Hrytsenko has pledged to “be honest.” Have you noticed consonance with Hrytsenko’s slogan, which sounds like “More honest people”?

Later, Dmytro Hnap and Dmytro Dobrodomov announced their refusal to run for president in favor of Hrytsenko.

Then minus two more candidates: Sergyi Krivonis and Yevhen Murayev.

Candidates who first run for office and then withdraw from the race are working to make themselves known for better results in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

A blog by Andriy Sadovy has been captured on YouTube because every user has seen its commercials. It was impossible not to see them: Sadovyi was preparing a romantic dinner, cooking cocoa, asking for advice on raising a dog Yotamchyk, whose nickname is now known to every second Ukrainian.

Kaplin defended Hitler’s program, accepting it as his own

Hosts of the Hate Night Show read “25 Points” of the 1926 NSDAP to presidential candidate Sergei Kaplin under the guise of his election program, and he defended each item of Adolf Hitler’s program for 20 minutes without suspecting anything.

“… Kaplin does not notice anything, comments on his program, argue, defends each item, tells how he will pass laws on these items… Twenty minutes passed. Then I couldn’t stand it and said to him that not Kaplin wrote this program, but Hitler,” the show’s host wrote on Facebook.

Ahead with Tymoshenko

Trolling from Serhiy Kaplin: since the beginning of the election race, it has been a struggle of promises to reduce the price of gas. Some took it seriously, and most joked about it. Comments such as “Who’s more?”, “Which of the candidates promised to pay me extra for used gas?” was popular on social networks.

Recently, the Batkivshchyna party leader shared a video on Instagram in which she buys a hot dog at a gas station. In response, candidate Kaplin did not hold back and posted his photo with hot dogs on Facebook and commented: “JULIA, HELLO! :))”

It is known that Yulia Tymoshenko likes to try on images of famous women:

Lila from “The Fifth Element”,

Princess Leia of Star Wars

Daenerys from Game of Thrones.

At the beginning of this election season, Yulia Tymoshenko appeared in the same suit as the character of the House of Cards, Claire Underwood. As you know, Claire Underwood, in the series, becomes President of the United States. And Tymoshenko thus hinted that she was targeting the presidents of Ukraine positions.

“Tomos Tour” by Petro Poroshenko

It is what Ukrainians called the events after Ukraine’s conquest. The President visited almost all regions of Ukraine and in his speeches, he was deeply immersed in church issues. In each city, the events took place according to approximately the same scenario: a meeting of the delegation, a liturgy, a prayer service, Poroshenko’s long emotional speech, and, finally, a photo with the faithful.

Undoubtedly, the acquisition of autocephaly by the Ukrainian Church is a victory. Ukrainians have been waiting for this for a long time, but such use of this achievement in political PR devalues ​​it.

This year’s election has been called fierce and unpredictable. Even sociologists do not undertake to predict who will go to the second round unambiguously. We are witnessing a crisis of distrust in politicians in society and, at the same time, demand for a new face. This situation can provoke an unexpected result.

Elections during the war, the most significant number of presidential candidates, the use of new political technologies, individual approach to the voter, Digital PR campaigns, and not only this is the difference between the presidential election campaign in 2019. One conclusion is to critically comprehend, define, and unequivocally go to the polls.