Perfect PR specialists have joined the Western EBA PR HUB

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Perfect PR specialists have joined the Western EBA PR HUB

Friday, 30 October 2020

Specialists from the agency of public communications Perfect PR have joined the Western EBA PR HUB. It is a platform of the European Business Association for exchanging ideas and practices and implementing educational and creative projects among those interested in PR. Recently, a meeting in the Cases & Clever Talks format: on community engagement took place in Lviv. Our specialists, Natalia Ulynets and Olga Lekh, analyzed the cases of public relations.

The event Cases & Clever Talks: on community engagement reviewed several public relations cases from leading PR professionals from various fields.

According to Natalia Ulynets, today’s challenge is the need for information campaigns for businesses in various fields. “It’s about the open activities of companies. Infrastructure, construction, and industrial projects should be the most informative. Such projects are difficult to implement without healthy communication with the public, simply because the owner or investor wants to make a quick profit. Sooner or later, people will ask: how is your project useful for our city? Do its activities harm the environment? Will this business do any harm to the local community? And if there are no meaningful answers to these questions, then unpleasant or distorted information will become public. As a result, reputational losses of the company, financial losses, and obviously: broken relations with stakeholders, regulators, authorities, and more. That is why current business projects need CSR programs, building self-confidence through value communications,” explains Natalia Ulynets, Director of Perfect PR.

The public for PR professionals is the target audience to work with to build a reputation. “If you do not communicate with the target audience, the public becomes a source of some problems. The public may not understand the feasibility of your project. From the lack of understanding of the situation, lack of correct information, lack of knowledge of the benefits for themselves – the public creates problems, “- says Deputy Director of Perfect PR Olga Lech.

The agency’s specialists presented the circle of interaction with the public as a universal formula of work. “First of all, in any situation, you need to give yourself the answer “What is going on?”. And then you understand everything, including the background of events. Next, you should define groups of target audiences and stakeholders. Then we formulate the message and target it to different groups of target audiences. Then choose the channels of information. We monitor the media. And so in a circle,” explains Olga Lech.

The goal in such campaigns is always the same, says Natalia Ulynets. We turn the public into a partner. We must always keep the “public = partner” equation in our work. Because our strategic goal is to build the trust of the target audience to the business “, – said the director of Perfect PR Natalia Ulynets.