Deadly marketing sins on Facebook

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Deadly marketing sins on Facebook

Monday, 09 November 2015

Companies lost up to $ 4.3 million in annual profits due to SMM errors. Many of them do not pay enough attention to details, which sometimes causes a wave of dissatisfaction among readers and customers. Here are some SMM mistakes that have been a disaster for brands.

Don’t be robots. An explicit confirmation is the example of the Domino’s Pizza brand, which is obviously not used to compliments. One customer wrote a positive review on Domino’s Pizza’s official Facebook page. But in response, he received a pre-prepared template: “Sorry for that! Please share the incident details and provide link #1409193 to properly address the information. “Conclusion – you can not use the prepared answers.

Do not delete posts. Do not delete user comments and messages from FB pages. Smuckers, a manufacturer of fruit jams and toppings, has removed customer questions about the presence of GMOs in its products. In conclusion, it is necessary to establish communication because it is an opportunity to get honest live feedback and declare the company’s position.

Do not oversaturate messages with hashtags. SocialBackers experts believe that the ideal number of hashtags for a message is one or two. After all, many hashtags can look like a desperate desire to get more likes and views. Previously, the Starbucks brand used at least a dozen hashtags. Currently uses no more than two.

Don’t use too many jokes. There are several types of them: funny and non-funny. The SMM managers of the 7-Eleven mini-market chain considered themselves witty, so they decided to joke about a shaky topic in the month of mental health. They published the following post: “May is the month of mental health… or CONSPIRATORS WHO CONTROL THE WORLD make you think so”. Many users perceived this message as a mockery of mental illness. So the company had to apologize publicly.