Words, which are known only to the Facebook employees

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Words, which are known only to the Facebook employees

Friday, 04 September 2015

Facebook has become a unique structure during its existence: its structure, culture, and even language. When you visit the company’s campus in Menlo Park (California, USA), you will hear the words “epic,” “purple tie,” “bootcamp,” “little red book,” and many others. Wondering what they mean?

“Epic.” Not just an adjective, but the name of the main cafe on the campus of Facebook in Menlo Park.

Purple tie. This is a special privilege for all company employees. They have significant discounts on laundry. Facebook employees are easily recognizable by the purple laundry bags they carry with them.

Bootcamp. This is the name of the six-week introductory course on Facebook, which is mandatory for all new employees of the company. In the end, they choose for themselves the team that most “fell in love.”

Faceversary. An annual celebration of how long an employee has worked for the company. The campus store even sells themed Faceversary giant inflatable balloons. And the start date of Facebook team members is indicated on their Facebook profile pages so that no one forgets to congratulate (as on a birthday).

Game day. This is another tradition of the company. Every spring, employees are divided into teams, wear bright T-shirts and gather around the park to compete in competitions.

Little Red Book. When the company got its billion-dollar user in 2012, Facebook created red books for employees. They set out the mission and main tenets of the company and the funniest moments of the company. The last page of the red book reads: “If we don’t create something that will kill Facebook, someone else will.”

Gravity Room. There is a room in the Instagram office section where gravitational forces do not operate.

Vending machines. This is one of those words with special value for the whole Facebook team. These machines do not give you soda drinks with chocolate bars but parts for gadgets: mice, keyboards, chargers, and more.

“Analog research lab”. This is called designing motivational posters that are placed around campus.