Communication secrets from the legend of Ukrainian cycling Yaroslav Popovych

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Communication secrets from the legend of Ukrainian cycling Yaroslav Popovych

Thursday, 29 November 2018

Our weekly agency guest was Yaroslav Popovych, a Ukrainian-titled cyclist who won the Tour de France in the Best Young Rider category. We asked Yaroslav how to communicate effectively, stay on trend and shape your online portrait.

  • Sphere digitalization

5-6 years ago, we made the team’s presentations on television. We invited guests and arranged a big show. We now have all our presentations on Twitter. The account is regularly updated with the latest publications and information about racers. This has many advantages. It is less expensive, one person works on the presentation, and he can do it even remotely.
It is very convenient. I can go by car and, with the help of the application, watch online how presentations and competitions take place, keep track of which player is going, at what speed, and so on.

  • Personal content is more interesting

People are more interested in seeing something vital. For example, when I publish sneakers or sports equipment, the publication gets about 100 likes, and photos of my child gain 3-5 times more likes because people want to see how we live, where we go, and what we do during the day.

  • Intercultural communication

Our team has 28 players, 18 of whom are from different countries. Most of our internal communication takes place online in messengers. We create numerous groups and chats: with athletes, mechanics, cooks, doctors, masseurs, and more. This helps to solve problems of various kinds and not interrupt communication instantly.

  • Tip: more content

To always stay in touch with your audience, you should fast more and respond to people’s comments. When people see that you communicate with them, the more subscribers and interactions there are. We need to talk more about life, achievements, training, etc.

  • Control what you publish

We often conduct training for our athletes on information hygiene. We explain what can be published and what cannot. Behavior on social networks is a critical component that cannot be chaotic and uncontrollable. Some information is confidential, some should not be shown in public. You should always keep this in mind before publishing a photo.