Protests in Ukraine are peaceful, despite provocations

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Protests in Ukraine are peaceful, despite provocations

Sunday, 03 March 2013

Addressing journalists in the European Union and around the world

Dear colleagues and friends,

The international non-governmental organization Internews Ukraine encourages you to spread the following two messages among your colleagues and friends. First, the protests in Ukraine are peaceful. Second, the country’s political regime is harsh on citizens and journalists.

Some of you probably saw violent videos yesterday near the Presidential Administration in Kyiv. One thing should be clarified: this violence is not the basis of protests in the country but was the result of a special operation aimed at provoking a heated conflict between the parties to the confrontation.

The main idea of ​​the provocations is to discredit the peaceful nature of the protests in Ukraine and create an aggressive image of the will of the citizens. Some radical people may naively join these provocations. But they are an incredibly small number of those who participate in protests in Ukraine.

Hundreds of thousands of people who took to the streets on December 1 had peaceful intentions. They want regime change, but they don’t want blood. They want a free Ukraine, a non-violent European state that respects the rule of law and the people’s fundamental freedoms. The huge demonstration was caused by the fact that on the morning of November 30, police forces forcibly dispersed protesters who were in favor of European integration.

However, the regime is brutal. During the events of December 1 and November 30, journalists were attacked. At least 40 journalists, including international media correspondents such as Reuters, Euronews, etc., suffered from the police attack (more information in Ukrainian at the link: These harsh actions are contrary to international law and conventions on protecting freedom of expression.

Your support is necessary and very valuable for us. Together we must stop the violence.

The team of the International Public Organization



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