Project «Proty opikiv” is an urgent project for Ukraine

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Project «Proty opikiv” is an urgent project for Ukraine

Saturday, 15 October 2016

The Agency of public communications «Perfectni risheniya» has become the main media partner of the important and urgent social project «Proty opikiv».

This program has been initiated in Ukraine by Harvard Medical School. Our goal is to reduce the number of burn injuries among children, bring awareness to parents about how to prevent such cases of scald burn among kids, and about basic first aid. «We understand how important social components are in the work of every modern company. Media is great energy, why not use it in the right way», – said the head of the agency Natalia Ulynets.

Why is «Proty opikiv»  an important project for Ukraine? More than 12,000 children get serious burn injuries with hospital admission in  Ukraine every year. 75% of all burns among young children are scalds. We are convinced that consistent informing of parents and adults will change this statistic and keep the health of children safe.