Lviv’s PR market: who will take care of your reputation

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Lviv's PR market: who will take care of your reputation

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Bringing a brand to the market, forming a communication strategy, advertising campaigns, positioning in the media, strategic planning in social networks, personal and anti-crisis PR, cooperation with bloggers – these and other measures without which successful business is impossible today, offer marketing companies with offices in Lviv.

Agency of public communications  Perfect PR conducted qualitative market research – analyzed companies in Lviv that provide services for marketing, branding, and PR. The list includes more than 33 companies.

“After conducting a study of the marketing and PR market in Lviv, we saw that most companies have a vague positioning and declare an extensive range of services. However, the market is developing, and I am convinced that there will be a clearer diversification over time, “said Natalia Ulynets, CEO of the Perfect PR Public Communications Agency. According to her, we have many effective ways to communicate with partners and customers in today’s world, so it is not necessary to be in one city or even a country for fruitful cooperation. Be professional, responsible, and one step ahead of the competition.

We bring an overview of Lviv companies and agencies that offer communication strategies and positioning in the media among their services.

Marketing company Smart Promotion

What they say about themselves: Smart Promotion is a team of young marketing professionals. For more than 2 years, we have been developing and implementing original projects that build businesses and help large companies stay on the wave of innovative communications.

Services: promotion on social networks, internet marketing, advertising campaigns, brand building.


ReadyTo Marketing Agency

What they say about themselves: a team of marketing and communications specialists with extensive experience in joint implementation of successful projects in the field of restaurant and hotel business, retail, media, as well as socially critical public initiatives. 

In the portfolio: point-by-point anti-crisis consulting and launching brands from scratch with full marketing support (market analysis, concept development, brand launch, communication strategy formation, and implementation).

Services: Communication strategy, reputation management, risk management.

The face of the company is Vsevolod Polishchuk. “I have been researching ‘cuisine’ for about four years. Before that, it was a hobby. That is why two of my hobbies are combined in restaurant marketing: journalism and cuisine.”


Public Communications Agency Perfect PR

What they say about themselves: The independent agency of public communications Perfect PR has been operating in the market since 2011. We offer the most effective communication solutions in the private, public, and public sectors. Our team is specialists in public communications who work with Ukrainian and international projects. We focus on the main thing. We combine experience and innovative approach, traditions, and openness to experiments during project implementation. We adhere to high professional and ethical standards and develop the PR industry of Ukraine.

Services: PUBLIC COMMUNICATIONS (development of PR strategies, PR-audit, tactical implementation of communication projects, political, commercial, and personal PR, GR-management, Anti-crisis PR, Corporate social responsibility), MEDIA, DIGITAL PR, CONSULTING.

The face of the company is Natalia Ulynets. Media Manager, a specialist in Public Relations and Media Communications. Founder of Perfect PR agency, head, and co-owner of news agency.



(offices in Kyiv and Lviv)

What they say about themselves: FRESHPR is a strategic communications and reputation management company with a full range of services that we provide throughout Ukraine. We are a team of ambitious, creative, and experienced full-time professionals who know and know how to build and protect your reputation, establish contacts with the media, and reduce and eliminate communication risks.

Services: Communication Research, Communication strategy, Reputation management, Risk management.

The face of the company: Orest Vachkov – head of the PR agency


Emagine Media Management Agency

What they say about themselves: we are sure that you have something to say about yourself. We do not invent fairy tales about our customers (until they want to). Instead, we professionally help you navigate the vast number of communication opportunities in today’s world. The key to success is the correct definition of WHAT you want to say: WHOM, HOW, and WHY. We help you answer these simple questions correctly, plan your actions well and achieve the maximum result.

Services: Media, PR, design, advertising


SMM agency Dolphin Team

What they say about themselves: Social media is a powerful tool in skilled hands. Everyone interested in your brand will know about it. Working with feedback, communicating with regular customers, and combating native and interactive are just some tools for working in social media.

Services: audit, advertising campaigns, strategic planning on social networks

The face of the company: Vasyl Kreminets – co-founder of the project “Territory of your development”. Co-owner of SMM agency “Dolphin team”


If we have not mentioned someone, please write to us. We will be happy to add your company to the list.