The first Farmer’s Cup will take place in the Lviv region

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The first Farmer's Cup will take place in the Lviv region

Monday, 29 April 2013

According to Vgolos, the founders of the new award in the field of agriculture will choose the best farmer in the Lviv region and hold spectacular farming competitions.

“We invited the regional authorities and several public organizations to loudly and solemnly celebrate the work on the ground. The idea of ​​holding the “First Farmer’s Cup” was received “with a bang”, – says one of the initiators of the holiday, director of the Agency of Public Communications Natalia Ulynets.

The best farmer will be chosen from among hundreds of candidates. Today, more than 800 farms are active in the Lviv region, so the jury will consider not only the efficiency of work.

“All parties to the project agreed that the First Farmer’s Cup should be won by the owner who took care of his well-being during the year but did not forget about the community and made a significant contribution to the development of the territory where he works. Social responsibility will be highly appreciated, “said Bohdan Matolych, First Deputy Head of the Lviv Regional State Administration.

This year’s holiday will highlight farmers’ competitions: tractor races, intellectual competition, sheep shearing at speed, milking goats, weighing birds by eye, competitions for women farmers, and pig races.

“One of the missions of the Cup is to revive interest in traditional, but, unfortunately, forgotten, sheep and goat breeding. These areas are underdeveloped in the region but have excellent prospects, mainly in  mountainous areas. We hope that the colorful competitions will be an impetus to improve the situation, “said Oksana Rozmus, an organizing committee representative.

Farmers will demonstrate their ability to masterfully manage special equipment on May 18 at the Lviv branch of the Research Institute. L. Pogoriloho in the village of Magers of Zhovkva district. The rest of the competitions and the award ceremony will occur on June 1 at the Shuvar Market.

The first Farmer’s Cup will be broadcast live on TRK Lviv. TV viewers are promised a raffle of delicious gifts every half hour.